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Elton John
Madman Across the Water (1971)

Boston at last and the plane’s touching down
Our hostess is handing the hot towels around
From a terminal gate to a black limousine
It’s a ten minute ride to the Holiday Inn

Boredom’s a pastime that one soon acquired
Where you get to the stage where you’re not even tired
Kicking your heels till the time comes around
To pick up your bags and head out of town

Slow down Joe, I’m a rock and roll man
I’ve twiddled my thumbs in a dozen odd bands
And you ain’t seen nothing till you’ve been
In a motel baby like the Holiday Inn

Duration : 0:4:24

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25 Responses to “Holiday Inn – Elton John (Madman Across the Water 6 of 10)”

  1. steed3902

    i forgot how much …
    i forgot how much i loved this song!! esp at the 1:47 mark……..true classic!!

  2. TheClassicrocker67

    oh, and three …
    oh, and three people forgot to make reservatoins lol.

  3. TheClassicrocker67

    i love how there …
    i love how there are a lot of people out there that will say they love elton because of bennie and the jets, or candle in the wind, or hell, even can you feel the love tonight?. however, when you ask them if they’ve ever listend to this song or most anything off of madman across the water for that matter, most will just look at you wierd because they have no clue what you’re talking about. yeah, i pitty those people.

  4. pipesofpeace1

    @pixiepancake my …
    @pixiepancake my thoughts exactly. i long for a simpler time.

  5. FrankyDooDy0

    This album is nice …
    This album is nice (this tune and a lot of others are beautiful), but in its whole, it doesn’t surpass “Honky Château” (in my opinion! XD)

  6. MusicMadMaurice

    @primeholyassasin20 …
    @primeholyassasin20 Well put. The whole album seems like a continuous story, this track being about the tribulations of touring.

  7. Andy1Emcee

    The music and the …
    The music and the lyrics are both spectacular. This album is very, very underrated.

  8. gerry13079

    this is 4 u tommy …
    this is 4 u tommy thank u

  9. alane011

    poorly regarded …
    poorly regarded what? the album is classic period Elton at it’s best!

  10. alane011

    porrly regarded …
    porrly regarded what? the album is classic period Elton at it’s best!

  11. pixiepancake

    Sometimes I think …
    Sometimes I think about buying a little Airstream trailer, then buy an old LTD, listening to only seventies music and watching reruns of Rockford Files and the like and just letting the world go to complete on its own…

  12. pixiepancake

    Great little …
    Great little obscure Elton John song, have always loved it…

  13. robertams54

    Fabulous album. …
    Fabulous album. Memories, across the great waters of the earth. Loved this as we prepped shuttle for launch in the OPF. Hail madmen and NASA!

  14. MisterEvasion

    This song has all …
    This song has all the characteristics of the Gus Dudgeon touch. The Dudgeon years contain by far the most finely crafted and best songs of Elton John.

  15. bpmcl

    No matter who you …
    No matter who you are, or how big you’ll be, in the early days you have to write a song about the trials of touring in order to make your record company happy.

  16. Mishaxhi

    @Jwo32 I know, I …
    @Jwo32 I know, I can’t see how people could ever dislike this. It’s my favorite Elton john album by far

  17. catster57

    The lyrics, the …
    The lyrics, the music all a classic! Probably one of the best B sides —— in the world!

  18. MrPieman1011

    All time Elton …
    All time Elton John favorite album. Yellow Brick Road was great , too.

  19. SomethingQueer

    Love love loveeee …
    Love love loveeee this song

  20. leeleebaby2100

    Haven’t heard this …
    Haven’t heard this in a hundred years. I’m glad my music choices have held up over time. Wasn’t as poorly regarded as you say. Loved Elton’s stuff much more before the onslaught of his superstardom. Yellow Brick Road was masterpiece yet downfall.

  21. Molly8887

    Another underrated …
    Another underrated Elton classic. Quite a performer. Great memories.

  22. uclrichard

    @primeholyassasin20 …
    @primeholyassasin20 what most people forget, old boy, is that elton had one of best voices of any rock singer ever…and incredible high tenor register which could effortlessly drop into an amazing bass tone…the sincerity and subtletly was a feature of all albums in the early to mid 70s – and, remarkably (although without the high tenor) on his most recent work. sexuality has nothing to with it…it’s all about inate talent. happy xmas, too….i live in freezing england and i have a bad cold..

  23. primeholyassasin20

    What i like about …
    What i like about this album is that from front to back, it plays like a sweeping epic journey across the west and the wilderness, from Tiny dancer to the powerful epic Indian sunset, with fine tunes like this one filling the spaces inbetween. It almost feels like an unintentional precursor to U2′s the joshua tree, with it’s journeying, sweeping feel. Even Elton’s other classic albums don’t have that sweeping feel to them, it’s unique to this one alone.

  24. latta4

    @rhorton3 Brilliant …
    @rhorton3 Brilliant EJ tune. I sing it every time I fly into Boise & Boston.

  25. michaelsmorrison

    Tomb Raider

    As I …
    Tomb Raider

    As I make my way
    to the back of the room
    With nothing more to say
    in the shadows that play
    in the dust and the light
    of the last empty tomb…

    M. S. Morrison

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