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Holiday Inn – Pillows for all

February 14th, 2012

The business guys

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24 Responses to “Holiday Inn – Pillows for all”

  1. MrNickelCobalt

    holiday inn …
    holiday inn commercials are underrated.

  2. nebhuskers923

    Ps3 guy!!
    Ps3 guy!!

  3. Rodrigo00

    from random …
    from random commercial and tv comedy actor to gaming icon… lol

  4. Yenseneo

    what the hell was …
    what the hell was that? haha

  5. madmarsrocks1

    Kevin Butler
    VP of …

    Kevin Butler
    VP of Comfort

  6. FishBoX999

    Suddenly Pillows… …
    Suddenly Pillows….Many of them

  7. CeruleanTwist

    If he told me to …
    If he told me to enjoy them I’d enjoy them for the rest of my life.

  8. undisputed4life

    Pillows - It only …
    Pillows - It only does everything.

  9. lordxur

    Ever since I first …
    Ever since I first saw this, I’ve used the line “There’s that sound in my head again…everytime you argue with me. Just enjoy them.” so many times. :)

  10. HelloFade2

    Who wants a down …
    Who wants a down pillow, i want my pillows to be happy.

  11. Jsheared

    Is that Fruit …
    Is that Fruit handing out the pillows? Now I see why Patrice went with him….

  12. icyrazor

    Kevin Butler V.P …
    Kevin Butler V.P of Enjoyable Pillow Distribution

  13. stephengotlost

    VP of Ensuring …
    VP of Ensuring Pillow Satisfaction

  14. EnterpriseKnight

    Enjoy them. Just …
    Enjoy them. Just Enjoy them

  15. lifeisdead01

    No matter what this …
    No matter what this guy does, it’s funny.

  16. PlayStrum

    VP of Pillow …
    VP of Pillow Enjoyment | Holiday Inn



  17. MXZVlogPrince

    VP of enjoymeant

    VP of enjoymeant

    It only does, comfort

  18. coolasj

    VP of Pillows.

    VP of Pillows.

  19. r35boy

    vp of enjoying …
    vp of enjoying pillows

  20. Tagan55

    VP of pillows
    VP of pillows

  21. 1621148

    Kevin Butler!
    Kevin Butler!

  22. silversamurai621

    I don’t like Tim & …
    I don’t like Tim & Eric much (sometimes they’re funny), but they could use him for something.

  23. LynnCourtnee

    just enjoy them.
    just enjoy them.

  24. Skaterscream

    xD that was so …
    xD that was so totally random ^^

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