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Enjoy a quick video of the best that Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort Montego Bay has to offer!

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10 Responses to “Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort Montego Bay”

  1. joebambi07

    I’ll be there …
    I’ll be there Memorial Day!!!!!!!!!! Soooooooooooooo excited. 4 nights and 5 days of bliss

  2. Bellahobbins

    YAY! Im going here …
    YAY! Im going here in April!!

  3. Colin Blight

    omg I am going …
    omg I am going here for march break!!!!!!!!!

  4. grismar1

    12 days to go!! I …
    12 days to go!! I hope it doesn’t rain.

  5. difireable

    We were there may …
    We were there may 2010 My husband and our two girls age 10 and 8 at the time, It was fantastic could not fault it. We are all booked up to go in April 2011 this time Im taking my mum aswell cant wait. Lots of fun food was great entertainment real good, The staff were so nice, Jamaican people dont like stuck up people they are cool and relaxed so if you behave the same you will get on fine. Thanks for posting this its just how we remembered it.

  6. rtc5884

    im going there …
    im going there with my girlfriend jan 11th 2011, has anybody been there before?

  7. TheEEBZ

    shut up man im …
    shut up man im stayin there now and its off the chain!!!!
    we won our football cup there (3 on 3) and ofcourse the my team won
    and the food hawd u fret!!!

  8. EMGA41

    looks a whole lot …
    looks a whole lot nicer than when I was there last week…….lots of sea grass in the ocean, food was yuck and staff wasnt too friendly. And the drinking cups were juice glasses.. step up if your planning a vacation and skip this resort

  9. RAZlaad

    yeah, you should …
    yeah, you should pay but if you make friends with the staff they just let you go on them

  10. RAZlaad

    Very Nice hotel, …
    Very Nice hotel, great food all day and a BBQ on the beach once a week which is very nice! This hotel has everything, even Xbox 360′s.

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