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Home Alone 2 has pretty much the same plot as the first movie, but Home Alone 2 is a very good sequel. The new traps for the Wet, er…

Duration : 0:1:17

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25 Responses to “Home Alone 2 Lost in New York 1992 Trailer HD”

  1. bobgrantsbus

    Brenda Fricker …
    Brenda Fricker quality actress.

  2. EastAngliaUK

    I love Home Alone 1 …
    I love Home Alone 1 and 2 both the same I give them a 9 out of 10.

  3. MGHSHour2a

    (Kevin pinches hte …
    (Kevin pinches hte botton of the butt of thew woman’s skirt and shre turns around and glares at Marv and Harry)

  4. bosnia1997

    0:30 he throws 1 …
    0:30 he throws 1 and then it comes 100 :) )


    Lol so hard right …
    Lol so hard right now

  6. borobek

  7. roguetrip99

    I’ll bet after this …
    I’ll bet after this movie Kevin goes out of his way to befriend every creepy outcast he comes across, just in case they end up saving his later on

  8. MGHSHour2a

    (Kevin pulls at the …
    (Kevin pulls at the woman’s skirt and she angrily glares at Marv and Harry)

  9. yungspork

    i agree. the 4th is …
    i agree. the 4th is like wtf. some familiar names but not at all the same.

  10. rootbeer543

    The 3rd was barely …
    The 3rd was barely ok. The 4th one was an insult.

  11. yungspork

    i do too. with the …
    i do too. with the same actors.

  12. MrDanielNewton

    This is my favorite …
    This is my favorite of the Home Alone Trailers. Plus Home Alone 2 is my favorite Home Alone movie.

  13. rootbeer543

    I wish they could …
    I wish they could build a time machine and go back in time to make a REAL 3rd movie.

  14. Mortyenh


  15. philcassidy123

    i wish guys like …
    i wish guys like his would break into my house and i could plant Booby traps like this And not be afraid

  16. TheErikTwins

    @Thenewzboyof2000 I …
    @Thenewzboyof2000 I think that it is better :)

  17. Thenewzboyof2000

    Is it as good as …
    Is it as good as the first one?

  18. Thenewzboyof2000

    Is it as good as …
    Is it as good as the first one?

  19. 13athanatosgr13

    @LukeDobbins Hell …
    @LukeDobbins Hell yeaaaah!!!

  20. ohfilms1

    why do people hate …
    why do people hate this movie

  21. Ivi24ify

    Why dont they make …
    Why dont they make movies like this nowdays?

  22. admhuff

    Ill never get my 1 …
    Ill never get my 1 30 min of my life back

  23. MsDominic20

    Home Alone 2 was …
    Home Alone 2 was better than Home Alone 1!! I still love both of them!!

  24. Miranda9971

    I LOVE this movie! …
    I LOVE this movie!!!!!!!!!

  25. sadbutsandman91

    Nicky doesnt look …
    Nicky doesnt look so tough now does he?

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