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Home Alone Again with Michael Jackson

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17 Responses to “Home Alone Again with Michael Jackson”

  1. MissyCuppyCake290

    No.. ( T_T)
    No.. ( T_T)

  2. AnimeGirl81000

    Macaulay Culkin is …
    Macaulay Culkin is dead!!! another drug addict!!! awwww i miss lives with michael jackson and macaulay.

  3. Riva Dhami

    who posted this …
    who posted this here ..? dnt u hv anything better to post?? wtf

  4. 19grizzy91

    lol so many jokes …
    lol so many jokes can be made about the title home alone AGAIN with michael jackson lol

  5. skudaarkaat1

    This skit is world …
    This skit is world class hilarious! “I’ve got some naked pictures of my sister.” “Who doesn’t!”

  6. Konphetty

    @Twattoo666 What …
    @Twattoo666 What was his mental illness?

  7. steve5123456789

    Same thing?
    Same thing?

  8. NovianTrace46

    Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson

  9. beerguzzlenredsoxfan

    witch one ?
    witch one ?

  10. tenfuntabuloustweens


  11. Abbie2201

    Who ever this sick …
    Who ever this sick person is has to stop it… coz i don’t like it and im sure all you Mj fan’s out theri wouldn’t like this specaily when he died i mean come on…

  12. mcnutty80

    i liked thriller , …
    i liked thriller ,smooth criminal, and beat it , but he was one creepy looken pedophile. how did he score with a little boy i thought pedophiles were soposed to look like they dont molest kids

  13. damjamboree

    michael’s not a …
    michael’s not a pedophile – he’s a dead pedophile

  14. TheChaomaster4

    Yeehee!!! XD
    Yeehee!!! XD

  15. damjamboree

    i’m so sick of …
    i’m so sick of people insulting this dead child molesting dancing bleached plastic pedophile

  16. damjamboree

    it’s true. he …
    it’s true. he wasn’t a pedophile. he was just a child molester

  17. damjamboree

    it’s true it’s not …
    it’s true it’s not funny anymore now he is dead. it’s totally and utterly and completely hilarious now he’s dead

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