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Montage of the hilarious traps Harry and Marv get into from the first movie!

What are the chances the exact middle of the video is that frame….

Duration : 0:1:27

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23 Responses to “Home Alone – Booby Trap Montage!”

  1. TheCasu305

    this is still my …
    this is still my favorite movie

  2. mrchevys3

    7 is my favorite.
    7 is my favorite.

  3. chestnu1

    It almost looks …
    It almost looks like it pains joe pesci to not use the f word.

  4. ShotanaFilms

    Press 6,7, and 8 …
    Press 6,7, and 8 for the many screams of Joe Pesci

  5. ShotanaFilms

    @JackShephard69 …
    @JackShephard69 From the looks of these traps it seems like he was…

  6. Canes033

    @CorollaLvr2000 id …
    @CorollaLvr2000 id have to go with the blowtorch

  7. CorollaLvr2000

    The falling iron …
    The falling iron was always my favorite.

  8. MsHamooda

    @bamarine247 OMG …
    @bamarine247 OMG dude u asked this question 2 years ago !! are u still alive now ???!

  9. MsHamooda

    @kAmi9teen8y5 OMG …
    @kAmi9teen8y5 OMG dude u asked this question 2 years ago !! are u still alive now ???!

  10. jersey2flaguy190

    This is so epic! …
    This is so epic! Funny as hell!

  11. Princessstarify

    isn’t that music …
    isn’t that music is from Cindi Lauper? i like it.

  12. 2003CindyBear

    yeah he kicked …
    yeah he kicked their ass

  13. ninendowii2000

    12 people got …
    12 people got nails through foot

  14. snizzlefrazzy

    to the 11 people …
    to the 11 people who dislike this video: “Whaddaya know from funny, ya bastuds”

  15. parrott15

    @kAmi9teen8y5 by …
    @kAmi9teen8y5 by an 8 year old kid no less

  16. SwordofSpirits111

    This is a great …
    This is a great movie XD… Though I think that the 2nd is the best, after that they got crappier and crappier though.

  17. alecbama1

    Time after time lol
    Time after time lol

  18. alecbama1

    The Benny Hill …
    The Benny Hill Theme……Genius.

  19. 123190asd

    I bet the neighbors …
    I bet the neighbors are complaining about the noise.

  20. JackShephard69

    it would have been …
    it would have been funny if kevin murdered them

  21. MattFolx

    OMG I haven’t …
    OMG I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time…perfect editing too

    It made it extra funny XD

  22. NeverSayNeverXD1

    0:57 > 0:59 …
    0:57 > 0:59 spongebob’s laugh lolll i love dis video xD

  23. kAmi9teen8y5

    @levelat350 It’s a …
    @levelat350 It’s a JOKE, kid! read the comment!

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