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Home Alone movie trailer

January 21st, 2012

This is the trailer for the first Home Alone. One of the best Christmass feelgood movies ever!

Duration : 0:2:25

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13 Responses to “Home Alone movie trailer”

  1. Reed488

    When I was 19, I …
    When I was 19, I traveled to Chicago for a national convention for collegiate Business students. As I walked down the American Airlines terminal at Chicago-O’Hare after I deplaned, I looked around the terminal in awe, as I recognized, based on the domed glass roof and multiple flags, that it was the terminal in which they shot the airport scene for Home Alone. That moment might sound really pathetic, but Home Alone is one of my all-time favorite movies, so it was a special moment for me.

  2. roosevelthighschool

    My favorite scene …
    My favorite scene is where you see Buzz stuff a whole piece of pizza in his mouth. That is a classic. Thank You.

  3. Vuong2344

    a trailer with a …
    a trailer with a dark quality

  4. Reed488

    I have as well for …
    I have as well for about 15 years. God, has it really been almost 20 years since that movie came out?

  5. auradelfiniuke

    I watch this movie …
    I watch this movie every Christmas,thats kinda part of my celebration.Love it!

  6. treatsnsweets

    Love this movie.

    Love this movie.
    Macauley culkin was so adorable!

  7. skateboardsteve409

    i just about to …
    i just about to comment that haha we are smart huh haha

  8. J1O2C3K4E5S

    This movie is so …
    This movie is so fun:D

  9. Visonu

    Yeah, and I think …
    Yeah, and I think they should have left the “You still are, Marv.” That was hilarious.

  10. j2thap

    it is propably made …
    it is propably made before final completion of the movie.

  11. CobaltT9

    macauley culkin is …
    macauley culkin is the greatest actor.

  12. mooky9669

    I noticed a cpl. …
    I noticed a cpl. scenes different in the actual movie…the female checkout clerk was the one who said what the an said. Wonder why it was different in the final version of the fim?

  13. 7susan


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