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Home Alone Soundtrack

June 24th, 2012

I don’t own the music I use. This is one off the soundtracks from the great christmas movie Home Alone. Music by: John Williams.

Duration : 0:4:52

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25 Responses to “Home Alone Soundtrack”

  1. soundmixer6393

    @gghice1 Maybe, …
    @gghice1 Maybe, like Redwall?

  2. soundmixer6393

    @baileeeyyyy Not to …
    @baileeeyyyy Not to mention the incredible and remarkable Star Wars,

  3. PetaHatingChris42

    In my opinion, John …
    In my opinion, John Williams’ brilliant score is what makes Home Alone so timeless.  Home Alone is one of only a handful of childhood favorites that still holds up after all these years.

  4. PetaHatingChris42

    Well, it is the …
    Well, it is the same composer/director duo who did Harry Potter, so it may not be a coincidence.

  5. RobertoHorwath19

    haha yes it sounds …
    haha yes it sounds like harry potter soundtrack to mee as well

  6. kevbbb1

    It’s NOT Christmas …
    It’s NOT Christmas and I am watching this.

  7. alexanderanthony

    It’s ours! ;)
    It’s ours! ;)

  8. kristjanrroku

    amazing home

    amazing home

  9. Kyros

    Show us your tits. 
    Show us your tits. 

  10. olyvia33

    Gosh..whenever i …
    Gosh..whenever i hear this song,I cry…this show give me back so many childhood memories..

  11. dannifan123

    its the same …
    its the same composer who wrote the score for harry potter :)

  12. TheJC4GamesGroup

    Cool music! we’re …
    Cool music! we’re gonna use this for our video.

  13. hcsaby83

    HD HD HD..
    HD HD HD..

  14. skydragon4ever

    Does it sound like …
    Does it sound like Harry Potter soundtrack to you too?

  15. TheFuryoftheDragon

    Thanks for you help …
    Thanks for you help!! I love this song!!!

  16. lilmissgaga

    Walkin’ around the …
    Walkin’ around the christmas tree.

  17. lilmissgaga

    Every year …
    Every year since I was 4 years old, I watch this movie & the 2nd one. I know them by heart.

  18. TheFuryoftheDragon

    What’s the name of …
    What’s the name of the song when Kevin pretends there is a party in the house to scare the thieves??

  19. mappingtheshit

    The film is great …
    The film is great because there’r no around

  20. greaterJAY

    my wife is …
    my wife is divorcing me to get with this song…

  21. DelijaFromCp6uja

    I watched this …
    I watched this film 450 times and its not boring to me ! :) )

  22. hongjame013

    Merry Christmas …
    Merry Christmas Kevin ^_^.

  23. iporame

    Merry X’Mas from …
    Merry X’Mas from Bangkok ^ ^

  24. TGvis

    aww brings soooo …
    aww brings soooo many memories back! great movie! <3

  25. gvantsabibo

    this melody brings …
    this melody brings me back to childhood memories!!! love it so much! :) )))

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