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amyember, Chocolate, The, Polar, ExpressHot Chocolate – The Polar Express

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24 Responses to “Hot Chocolate – The Polar Express”

  1. WhiteMarz

    Soon you got hot …
    Soon you got hot chocolaaaaaaate! haha. I love this film.

  2. peerman12


  3. peerman12

    والله يكحكون …
    والله يكحكون ههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

  4. aaronthebox

    Whaaaaaa? dude …
    Whaaaaaa? dude this move is like 5 years old haha

  5. aaronthebox

    Wait…do they …
    Wait…do they have hot chocolate?

  6. aaronthebox

    Wait…do they …
    Wait…do they have hot chocolate?

  7. lilyilylilyily

    guys i think they …
    guys i think they are trying to say that…they got it

  8. wizardfairy

    who else thought …
    who else thought about, sang this song or watched this vid. while having hot chocolate? :) 

  9. NintendoMachine1

    Did you know that …
    Did you know that Tom Hanks voiced 6 characters in this film?

  10. iverburl

    Interesting that a …
    Interesting that a movie was Doggiekake’s favorite 19 years ago when it is only a 7 year old movie.

  11. Doggiekake

    This movie will …
    This movie will never get old even when I show my kids this movie over and over

    This is my favorite movie from when I was 7 and now I’m 26 and I still love it

  12. DrownedBeliefs

    Evidently not… …
    Evidently not… the film’s cringeworthy.

  13. LethalLaurie

    My mom and I watch …
    My mom and I watch this movie every year–when this scene comes up we just have to pause and go get ourselves some hot chocolate~ ;D

  14. Bitsy83

    And Santa!
    And Santa!

  15. Bitsy83

    “The Terminal” …
    “The Terminal” comes REAAAALLY close. It was still decent, though.

  16. randyorton596

    Tom Hanks is the …
    Tom Hanks is the Narrtor, Conducter and the spirit guy

  17. jbruning1291

    That was really …
    That was really good. If this actually happened in real life then each of those servers and cooks should be tipped a hundred dollars. Is there such a thing as a bad movie with Tom Hanks?

  18. cantbackdown123

    how dont you like …
    how dont you like hot chocolate? what the is going on here? lolz sorry just need some hot chocolate lol

  19. SqwishSqwash

    wow thats….safe. …
    wow thats….safe. o.o

  20. Musicwolf12

    Just finished said …
    Just finished said beverage.

  21. DrownedBeliefs

    Kill me.
    Kill me.

  22. firebreather2468

    they defidentaly …
    they defidentaly got MY attention. i <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3,3 hot chocolate. im drinking some hot chalkolate!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm:D

  23. TehPielightZone

    When I get up …
    When I get up tomorrow on Christmas, I’m getting a cup of hot chocolate in homage to one of THE BEST Christmas movies EVER.

  24. KamilaDewhurst

    same -w-
    same -w-

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