Christmas Story

Christmas story of how a mean green monster steals the meaning of Christmas from a small town. Only love can save Christmas but will it be to late to stop his mean ways?

Duration : 1:40:38

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21 Responses to “How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)”

  1. Sambatuchi93

    i LUZ this movie… …
    i LUZ this movie…lol

  2. HoopsAndDinoMan

    I love how it all …
    I love how it all takes place in a snowflake.

  3. JetForce42

    Dramatic refrence …
    Dramatic refrence at 1:24:18.

  4. bartholomew1998

    @51013asumdiver LOL …
    @51013asumdiver LOL ! yes … 

  5. 51013asumdiver

    at 1:07:00 he …
    at 1:07:00 he should havve landed on the rim of thechimney and slowly slide down that wuold have been better

  6. godishkhk

    His face is scary
    His face is scary

  7. 51013asumdiver

    i watch this over …
    i watch this over and over and over again this is half my life the other half is dumb and dumber and happy gilmore

  8. 51013asumdiver


    if youd like to fax  me press the star key

  9. bartholomew1998

    if you so much as …
    if you so much as utter one syllable i’ll hunt you down and gut you like a fish

  10. bartholomew1998

    @slimshadyskater …
    @slimshadyskater LOL… one of the funniest moments… another one is “almost lost my cool there”

  11. littlefingers

    I’m a real big fan …
    I’m a real big fan of Jim Carrey. He’s so funny!

  12. 51013asumdiver

    in the begining …
    in the begining does he say tampon for your cousin leon but that sounds like a male not a female gross

  13. MaGiCz619

    copy written
    copy written

  14. slimshadyskater


  15. sodorsteamteam

    the sun is bright …
    the sun is bright and the powers bitchin

  16. nielspietersify




  17. zeldafan900

    @Perfectlyscience67 …
    @Perfectlyscience67 cuff links

  18. MegaSatansBitch

    Aww how cute is …
    Aww how cute is taylor momsen

  19. Roulph1

    i love how the post …
    i love how the post office is crushing the presents to label them fragile.

  20. aryyist

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for posting this!!!!!

  21. 460reese

    My top favorite! I …
    My top favorite! I watch all the time! Favorite quote “Jury Duty Jury Duty Jury Duty Black Mail Pink Slip Adviction Notice” haha so funny:))))

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