Christmas Story

I am Home Alone

May 28th, 2012

Macaully Culkin stars in this post-apocalyptic thriller about a young boy all alone at Christmas who is attacked by zombie vampires. Home Alone and I am Legend mashed together into one movie. It’s Home Alone with Zombies or Home Alone with Vampires or whatever those things are!

Duration : 0:2:30

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4 Responses to “I am Home Alone”

  1. Joaquin Marroquin

    yea but if that …
    yea but if that happend i would live with the kid,
    KEAVON! just sayin

  2. Joaquin Marroquin

    serisily who uses a …
    serisily who uses a fan to kill them and why the does a little kid live instead of a grown up?

  3. ghostface320

    dude this was …
    dude this was awesome lol

  4. DracoWolf1000

    Kevin is now on my …
    Kevin is now on my fantasy zombie survival team, right after the Lone Wanderer and before Gordon Freeman. :)

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