Christmas Story

The main music of the movie.

Duration : 0:4:52

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4 Responses to “John Williams – Home Alone Theme”

  1. PWNLordFTW

    Just saying, no kid …
    Just saying, no kid is that smart, no burglars are that stupid, and nobody could survive having a brick hitting their skull at near-terminal velocity. The movie was still awesome.

  2. DeM27MIL

    @filipmettler I …
    @filipmettler I think watching this movie every Christmas its a global thing.. =D

  3. mainman297

    My mom wished this …
    My mom wished this song played when I was born……. BUT ONLY AT 1:30 to the very end

  4. bbnmification

    i always watch this …
    i always watch this at christmas

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