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Josh Groban-Beleive

June 30th, 2012

polar express beleive by josh groban idk if the ast name is speeled write, MERRY CHRISTMAS

Duration : 0:4:17

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25 Responses to “Josh Groban-Beleive”

  1. 27shantelle

    I become a kid …
    I become a kid again with this song

  2. QuireBoysAIRSOFT

    i needed this …. …
    i needed this …………. thank you

  3. toby53199

    check this out …
    check this out

  4. toby53199



  5. natusINSIDIOSUS

    Just the most …
    Just the most magical and serene song I’ve ever heard. If Christmas has yet a theme or signature song this beautiful masterpiece should be considered.Josh Grobin’s voice carries all our emotions and some how describes the warmth and tenderness we all once knew as children who believed in Santa. Hearing this heartfelt performance I am able to experience my childhood for a whimsical moment. Without a doubt this is the quintessential song of the Christmas season.

  6. rockband905

    I want to play it …
    I want to play it on the recorder.

  7. jellbean1000

    as of right now.. …
    as of right now.. 251 days 6 hours and 10 minutes until Christmas!!!…. I CANT WAIT!!

  8. aeropostale1019

    Josh hutcherson is …
    Josh hutcherson is the voice of the hero boy -3

  9. rextony22

    its almost …
    its almost christmas. merry christmas in march all. nice song.

  10. toby53199

    i dream of the day …
    i dream of the day when bullying is gone forever.

  11. sinisbal

    Dreams! Thank you …
    Dreams! Thank you God for dreams. With You they become reality. While I was drowning in the pool of homosexuality, I dreamed of being free. I kept on dreaming and believing and You healed me of all my sins! The dream came true and I am free. Free from after man and his body. And free from the chains of past. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ! If anyone reading this has this kind of stuggle, know that you can believe and with God all things are possible! My story: ilivestraight website.

  12. jeff65623

    @TheMSpence89: what …
    @TheMSpence89: what a wonderful wish!

  13. SquallLionhart409

    Please change the …
    Please change the description to fix the following: capitalize Polar Express, its a proper noun, Believe, also a proper noun, and spelled incorrectly, Josh Groban is spelled correctly, but again is a proper noun, “spelled right” or preferably “spelled correctly”.
    Otherwise, great job on the pictures and sound quality. Thank you for posting it, and I hope you had a very merry Christmas.

  14. mariaandanna1

    my friend can play …
    my friend can play this song on the piano:)

  15. Belieber4Life323

    Seriously..Listen …
    Seriously..Listen to the song. Who cares if people made mistakes..Ignore them. Just listen to the words.<3(:

  16. liztlaw

    people who post …
    people who post things on the internet really should learn to spell …. it’s “believe”
    and if you cannot spell, you should recruit a friend, parent, or computer program to assist you.

  17. cate1142

    you don’t know if …
    you don’t know if the last name is spelled wrong, but you spelled believe wrong. XD

  18. greekgal7

    This song gets a …
    This song gets a thumbs up since Christmas is such a blessed time.

  19. TheMSpence89

    Hope everyone had …
    Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!

  20. nubibecca6593

    the better wisher …
    the better wisher all peoples that love music and sound !!!

  21. walecorner

    merry christmas to …
    merry christmas to all!!! hope you guys all have a great day!

  22. hayjax22

    if your duumb …
    if your duumb is going to critic the person above…they misspelled spelled & right too!!! It doesn’t really matter…its a beautiful song!

  23. Americangal18

    MERRY CHIRSTMAS!!!!! from the usa!!!

  24. LordFhalkyn


  25. MegaMermaidgirl

    this is when we …
    this is when we believe in magic and the wonder of christmas-merry christmas everyone!

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