Christmas Story

T’was the night before Christmas; Politically Correct Style!

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25 Responses to “Larry the Cable Guy & his Christmas Story”

  1. Theburn77

    Unfortunately this …
    Unfortunately this probably isn’t to far off, “Christmas” is considered an offensive word in public schools, NPR and most news networks nowadays, that’s just sad.

  2. eddy12555

    His name is Sany …
    His name is Sany Clause and he cracks deer with a horse whip, breaks into peoples houses,drinks rum and egg nog,and looks like uncle Jessiefrom Dukes of Hazzard,END OF STORY!
    -Larry the Cable Guy

  3. 89plainsman

    I’m not into all …
    I’m not into all this PC business, but some of you sound like straight-up Klansmen around here….liberal this, threatening your heritage that….still, if someone didn’t find this hilarious, you need to get the outta here!!! lol XD

  4. kingk1132

    @ChaosControl1997 …
    @ChaosControl1997 YOU ARE FUKIN RIGHT MAN

  5. SacreligousTurkey

    @ChaosControl1997 …
    @ChaosControl1997 There comunists! If we dont do something about it soon our culture, faith, and race is doomed!

  6. chickemily69

    and he cracks deer with a horse whip
    break’s into people’s house
    drinks rum and egg nog xD
    and looks like uncle jesse from dukes of hazzard xD

  7. SmokinMo11

    These kids are not …
    These kids are not amused…lol.I know larry,& he’s much funnier in person.Im the bartender he talked about on-stage,but he refered to me as a waitress that offered him a massage.See ya on the west-side w/the bikers larry!! LOL Thanks for the hamburger!! lol

  8. BigIrishman16

    @MoorOfDundee – …
    @MoorOfDundee – Nice to see a liberal who can take a joke… Honestly, most that I know get their panties in a bunch over any little joke. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Oh… and even though I don’t drink beer, good call on the Guiness!!!

  9. ffsupergirl

    lmao this is golden …
    lmao this is golden….stupid liberals haha

  10. SueJackson0

    LMAO!!!!! Lady of …
    LMAO!!!!! Lady of the evening! Lady of the evening! XD

  11. MoorOfDundee

    @ChaosControl1997 …
    @ChaosControl1997 Hey Chaos, I’m one of those ‘liberals’ and I to think too many kids grow up sissified!!! They/ We are not as strong as our parents or grand parents who had a much stronger work ethic..Also, I think Larry The Cable guy is HILARIOUS! And counter to what you think, we liberals know how to take a joke ‘much’ better then you conservatives, who take things too seriously… I say we ‘git’ a beer, you drink your Bud, I’ll drink my Guiness and laugh at political satire lovin’ Larry!

  12. Xilosmien

    Winter holiday? …
    Winter holiday? WINTER HOLIDAY?!?

    As a person who lives in the Southern Hemisphere, I take great offence to this!

  13. kimielle

    I remember the days …
    I remember the days when people took a joke without turning it into some political rant.

  14. dickr4chicks


    You’re more racist than racist and more prejudice than my name.

  15. WyattLomaine

    By the way, all of …
    By the way, all of you need to realize that if you are a white male that has a Christian based religion, you are the one that is wrong. I have accepted this as my fate. I have to apologize for being all three every day of my life in some way, shape, or form.

  16. kiyamichelle

    lady of the evening …
    lady of the evening hahaha.

  17. MrJc4u

    @crystal0angel ho …
    @crystal0angel ho ho ho

  18. 14majore

    nuff said
    nuff said

  19. 1comixstar

    @ ChaosControl1997 …
    @ ChaosControl1997 i agree, people should grow a thicker skin

  20. joamber18

    love it
    love it

  21. MEpoopooONhead

    so much truth we …
    so much truth we hear about religion today that we can’t even listen to one of the greatest stories ever told to us as kids

  22. perfectflaws56

    hahaha i love it!
    hahaha i love it!

  23. busoLostop

    Lady of the Evening …
    Lady of the Evening, what a great… uh… holiday token.

  24. meteosurreal

    @ChaosControl1997 …
    @ChaosControl1997 On misspellings: (Hmm, looks like I goofed a little on that one, so HERE’S some fun…)

    PO, CO, NO!

  25. meteosurreal

    @ChaosControl1997 …
    @ChaosControl1997 And the whole thing is so full of subjectivity and illogic, and sometimes real moronic bs, and sometimes pathetic hypocrisy…

    If that’s the kind of mess that POliteness/Political COrrectness/Hypersensitive Easily Offended Hassle innocent people up, then that is wrong, thanks a hellfucking fuckload for Larry the Cable Guy, we SHALL not fall to that BS!!!

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