Christmas Story

Larry the Cable Guy Tells the Kids A “Politically Correct” Christmas story

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25 Responses to “Larry the Cable Guy-”Politically Correct” Christmas Story”

  1. death2343412421

    @gicb104 way to …
    @gicb104 way to late to stop it cause that book is on the shelf

  2. fouurnall

    i couldnt have said …
    i couldnt have said that last sentence better myself!!

  3. Wafflepudding

    “Lady-of-the- …
    “Lady-of-the-evening! Lady-of-the-evening! Lady-of-the-evening!” rofl

  4. jww112093

    @vigo894 S*CK IT!
    @vigo894 S*CK IT!

  5. vigo894

    @gicb104= The day …
    @gicb104= The day that happens will be the day the Earth explodes. I’ll never be politically correct, and neither will my descendants. My state will secede forever. And if anybody has a problem with that, get the dick out of your and hear this. I got 2 words for you.

  6. acecombat0rules

    Thank ya larry, and …
    Thank ya larry, and its Merry Christmas

  7. jgq85

    Didn’t the Obama’s …
    Didn’t the Obama’s read this story at an LGBT elementary school?

  8. PTurchan1


    Can you share where you have found that, when protected under free speech, one is banned from saying those words?

  9. jww112093

    @PTurchan1 No I …
    @PTurchan1 No I won’t refute any points you make.

  10. PTurchan1

    That …

    That was apparent. I was refuting your argument and thought you would provide a counter.

  11. jww112093

    @PTurchan1 No I …
    @PTurchan1 No I know, I was just reiterating.

  12. SpontaniousNolee23

    “What kind of …
    “What kind of Commie crap is this” haha hes soo funny :)

  13. PTurchan1

    I’m not …

    I’m not sure what this was in response to, as I was addressing your claim that people would most likely not celebrate a government sponsored or created holiday.

  14. jww112093

    @PTurchan1 People …
    @PTurchan1 People are so politically correct nowadays.

  15. 25dixiedelight

    thats what its …
    thats what its coming to for real! cant even say merry christmas anymore!!!

  16. koolkel4

    LOL….Larry’s …
    LOL….Larry’s hilarious!!

  17. PTurchan1

    Oh, I …

    Oh, I just thought that you would be able to share those articles you were reviewing/reading. As I’ve outlined, the APA would prefer that researchers/students use more specific terms than homosexuality for the two previously mentioned reasons. However, a quick search of “APA homosexuality” on Google reveals that they have used this term to outline homosexuality. Also, I never said it wasn’t a medical term, though I would be interested in that reference also. Thanks.

  18. aminatep

    @PTurchan1 …
    @PTurchan1 Negative?
    It is a medical term.

  19. PTurchan1

    Nobody …

    Nobody would celebrate a non-denominational holiday that the government sponsors? I can think of quite a few.

  20. PTurchan1

    The …

    The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life (2007) found that less than 80% of the population identifies as Christian. I understand it is still a large majority, which is what you were arguing, but it is important to be accurate. Also, “people that aren’t people who don’t celebrate christmas [sic]” are people who celebrate Christmas: you used a double negative. I tend not to be one who cares if I am given a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” greeting – I just return what is said.

  21. PTurchan1

    Do you …

    Do you have the doi or other information regarding these articles? The APA Manual 6th Ed. suggests that one use more descriptive labels (e.g., gay, lesbian, and bisexual) as opposed to homosexual: they are specific and less negative (APA, 2010).

  22. DrRClavan

    @opsymon12 I was …
    @opsymon12 I was being sarcastic by naming the politically correct story offensive. I LOVE Larry, you misunderstood me. GIT-R-DONE!

  23. TheRedneckGinger

    i will never, ever, …
    i will never, ever, ever teach my kids to be politically correct. id teach them this: if you get offended by what i say, youre a pussy. liberals

  24. opsymon12

    @DrRClavan go to …
    @DrRClavan go to politically correct dick

  25. JessHarper07

    Lady of the Evening …
    Lady of the Evening, Lady of the Evening, Lady of the Evening
    …what in the world, you can’t even say Ho, Ho, Ho no more

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