Christmas Story

Leg lamp

July 24th, 2010

Leg lamp

Duration : 0:4:38

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25 Responses to “Leg lamp”

  1. zof31091

    lol that’s funny, …
    lol that’s funny, because it’s the correct pronounce of FRAGILE, wich in italian means the same :P

  2. leavein90

    his wife hated that …
    his wife hated that lamp so later, she broke it on purpose . lol

  3. PSNtheDutchFella

    yeah, STATUE.

    yeah, STATUE.


  4. Bakazuraz

    Don’t wanna sound …
    Don’t wanna sound mean, but this movie is on every Christmas so I’m rather amazed you’ve never heard or seen it. It’s called “A Christmas Story.”

  5. californiablondegirl

    The whole …
    The whole neighborhood was turned on, too funny. We watch this every year and every time that we see it, it just gets better and better.!!!!!!

  6. FlyingWing92

    what movie is this?
    what movie is this?

  7. 2010mustang1

    I just watched it …
    I just watched it today!

  8. Robsquatch

    “Don’t bother me …
    “Don’t bother me now Swede, can’t you see I’m busy?” LOL!!!

    “Mind Powers, Swede, mind powers.” LMAO!!!

  9. diablodiablodiablo

    Man i love this …
    Man i love this movie, gotta download it right now!!!

  10. SumNJFella

    hell you said you …
    you said you won it lol

  11. Miyavisgirl1540

    I havent missed the …
    I havent missed the marathon either! ^^!!! its the best marathon EVER!!!!!

  12. xxDorkableDinoxx

    Mom:Yes but what is …
    Mom:Yes but what is it? Dad:Why its a leg, a statue. Relphie: Yeah… A statue. -rubs the leg- Mom:Relphie!!! best part of the movie XD

  13. macaroni8cheese

    watch the lady!
    watch the lady!

  14. yungdubble

    best movie ever.
    best movie ever.

  15. libertyrdeath

    Best scene in the …
    Best scene in the whole movie lol.

  16. saucy6470

    “The entire …
    “The entire neighborhood was turned on.” ROTFLMAO! I watch the marathon on TBS every single year. Haven’t missed a year yet.

  17. themightycelestial

    That is one sweet …
    That is one sweet major award.
    Wish I had one.


    It’s a major award
    It’s a major award

  19. SumNJFella

    Fra-gee-lee, that …
    Fra-gee-lee, that must be Italian, I think that says fragile honey LOL

  20. TheNextAvrilLavigne

    he’s just a kid he …
    he’s just a kid he doesn’t understand

  21. TheNextAvrilLavigne

    i have a miniture …
    i have a miniture leg lamp i got last christmas

  22. 1964GJH

    @deepsix7 You’ve …
    @deepsix7 You’ve got to see it. Its a classic!

  23. VideoCraveings

    lol ralphies a perv
    lol ralphies a perv

  24. midnightsun5500


  25. BlkDarkness

    Are you …
    Are you serious you need to go out & rent it or watch it. TBS usually has a 24 hour marathon of this movie on Christmas Day.

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