Christmas Story

Leo Buscaglia -Stories of Christmas Love pt 4

Duration : 0:5:24

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4 Responses to “Leo Buscaglia -Stories of Christmas Love pt 4 of 8”

  1. Friend2Humanity

    Wow this is the …
    Wow this is the first comment on this video in a year!

    Thanks for the uplaod!
    I added it to the World VIdeos Library at StopTheRobbery . com


  2. carloselbailador

    only 16 people have …
    only 16 people have seen this video…

  3. bioflame

    I love this man!
    I love this man!

  4. animalsfriendly

    Buscaglia is great. …
    Buscaglia is great. I have put up few vids. w/him myslef.
    I’d like to ask you please to research Ron Paul. Give him a chance, all the controlled mainstream mass media propaganda ignores and pushes Ron Paul off the screen.
    America needs a good man as President. Give him a chance please.

    Ron Paul 2008!
    ronpaul2008 dot com

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