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This my Lionel Polar Express 18754 pulling the full Lionel Polar Express collection. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!

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17 Responses to “Lionel Polar Express Berkshire with whistle steam 18754 in”


    lol oll the people …
    lol oll the people is top of the train that was not good have a look in:2:19

  2. abusepawallecat

    No it is Rail …
    No it is Rail sounds. I had the train sounds tender but the new engine has rail sounds it even has a die cast shell.

  3. atsf3415dbr

    What sound system …
    What sound system is that (on the engine)?
    If it’s Trainsounds, it sure is upgraded!

  4. grizzleybearz282004

    me too once i tried …
    me too once i tried JT.s mega steam thats all i use for the past two years now the smoke pellet is my favorite sent they have im almost done with my new layout and i figerd i better stock up on my oil and smoke fluids i got two bottles of liquid bearings model trains oil thats the best oil pn the market today $6.99 a bottle your engines !!!WILL!!! run smoother and cooler and i picked up one 8oz refill size bottle of JT.s mega steam of there smoke pellet sent right from there site $9.99 + ship

  5. abusepawallecat

    Jts mega steam all …
    Jts mega steam all the way! That is all I use now because it’s made right here in the U.S.A and produces the most smoke! In this video I used Lionel fluid but now I switched to JTs and have not gone back to Lionel fluid. My favorite scent is the coffee it smells wondrous!

  6. grizzleybearz282004

    parts 6once your …
    parts 6once your all done i use JT.s mega steam smoke fluid that will inpove its output as well when your all done and realy to use for the first time add one full eye dropper of smoke fluid into the smoke unit it will not be too much or harm anything of your engine well i hope this helps you and if you do go for it make a new video i would love to see the big diffrence in your engine and im glad to hear it was the track that made it slip like it was doing

  7. grizzleybearz282004

    part 5 and then …
    part 5 and then place a pice off electrical tape over it so nothing touches the diecast engine shell your pos+ wire install that as you already see it there and then solder and wrap that area with electrical tape and then place that felt washer on top of the cap and put the engine shell back on now it may feel alittle tighter so do the front screws first and then the rear scews i think you will be very pleased with its smoke output with the postwar type element

  8. grizzleybearz282004

    part 4 whistle …
    part 4 whistle effect there most likely some kind of fan with a tube or line that sucks the smoke from the smoke unit to the whistle valve make sure that hole ad the two air holes in the smoke unit bowl is not covered or blocked in any way and then you just connect your two neg- & pos+ wires now with the neg- wire the better the ground you get the faster & hotter & better that element is going to work test it as your picking you spot before you solder it

  9. grizzleybearz282004

    part 3 ask them for …
    part 3 ask them for xtra with your order now my kids 2007#1225 engine inside theres two holes in the metal smoke bowl so the air is pushed up into the unit and out the stack so you have to stuff as much of that packing and since your engine is pretty new you can use the packing lionel has in there now just make sure you leave enough room between the packing and the heating element as long as its not toutching the element its fine now that yours has the vision

  10. grizzleybearz282004

    part 2 most of the …
    part 2 most of the time it comes as a kit of a bone white or black smoke unit cap that fits right in with the heating element and wick already installed and they give you one layer of replacement smoke fluid packing and a felt washer that gos on top to try and keep the smoke unit and the engine shell tight together so no smoke leaks into the body of the engine smoke film is bad for any eletronic circuit board i use upto three layers of the fluid packing

  11. grizzleybearz282004

    i never got this …
    i never got this meg in my inbox or i would have responded back sooner but yes the replacement heating element i got it on ebay but they sell fast when some are posted you want the postwar replacement heating element they made them for guy who wanted to convert there postwar engines from smoke pellets to smoke fluid or just to replace a fluid element thats in there thats gone bad in there postwar mpc and eraly modern era engines its pretty easy to do part 1

  12. abusepawallecat

    You do not have to …
    You do not have to have legacy to operate the Railsounds and the conductor car works by pressing the bell button.

  13. KW1689

    That is one long …
    That is one long Polar Express Train, Liam. LOL!  Have fun though & I hope you enjoy it for many years to come. Take Care.

  14. thomasandfriends47

    I have two …
    I have two questions, One, do you have to have legacy controls to run the trainsounds?
    And on the counductor car do you have to have a actovator track or is it automatic?

  15. abusepawallecat

    Thanks for the nice …
    Thanks for the nice comments the track was dirty at the time of this video and that is what caused the slip. It now runs fine on my new layout. Grizzleybearz2004 how exactly did you add the new heating element to yours? I would be interested in doing this it looks very nice in your video. What should I type in on EBay? Thanks

  16. grizzleybearz282004

    nice engines sounds …
    nice engines sounds great looks like lionel gave it alittle bit better of a heating element then what was in the #1225s before but if you replace that heating element with one i installed in my kids 2007 #1225 that thing would shoot up a storm of smoke out that whistle valve and out the smoke stack it would cost you around $10 to do did you have some oil on the tracks? iv done that a few times and didnt wipe it up before makeing a video that engine should all those cars just fine

  17. stewartcamw

    was there a bit …
    was there a bit wheel slip my friend still a nice video

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