Christmas Story

Christmas is here and it’s time for M13′s Christmas stories. A two part series.

Duration : 0:6:27

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25 Responses to “M13′s Christmas Stories!!!”


    …sorry bro. …
    …sorry bro. should’ve gotta happy meal…

  2. clonemate55

    now u know how …
    now u know how orphans in 3rd world countries feel during Christmas =[

  3. brucelee12

    I spent my birthday …
    I spent my birthday by myself once, drinking by myself in my room.. some special ‘events’ or occasions suck :( I feel for ya man. Suppose it wasn’t as bad as mordeths or yours though.

    PS: Is that a corpse in that accident he drove past?!

  4. YYpes

    I had a christmas …
    I had a christmas like that, my family left me alone, i wouldnt wake up so they just left, just the mcdonalds by me was open I had a big mac for christmas dinner -_-

  5. 3x0rcyst3m

    yo this must’ve …
    yo this must’ve been the most brutal video
    i’ve ever seen you post (and I’ve seen all of them!)
    You start by showing some bloody corpse in a crash, talk about some girl that was killed, then ended with the lonely/hungry christmas after your mom died… harsh

    I’ll still give it 5* but I’ll be crying while I’m doing it.

  6. gman248

    if 0:24 then yes :D
    if 0:24 then yes :D

  7. icutmyselfha

    cute son! 5 stars …
    cute son! 5 stars on that lol

  8. subf0cus

    Your son is a blood?
    Your son is a blood?

  9. nikthepilot

    What a Cute Son xD
    What a Cute Son xD

  10. theQuestOfHollyGrail

    lol i recognized …
    lol i recognized that corner where you hit bicyclist before you said it :) , i’m starting to memorize the streets you drive on :)

  11. JiggyMcCue

    Your kid is sooo …
    Your kid is sooo cute

  12. Riflemanm16a2

    Is that corner at …
    Is that corner at the beginning of the video the same place your old girlfriend wrecked that blue car?

  13. kingdemon815

    @garytattoo1985 Its …
    @garytattoo1985 Its like this, people fear the unknown. there scared you’ll be evil or mean or something stupid, when you’ve worked hard, and don’t deserve to be isolated. People do what they’ve got to do, and sometimes, what you do isn’t right to others. so you just deal with it.

  14. dfan

    Jade cute as usual!
    Jade cute as usual!

  15. CrustyBiker

    Very true, I see …
    Very true, I see what ya mean!

  16. ATGOD

    LOL kick friend …
    LOL kick friend u got there =D

  17. MCBaritone

    i think u would …
    i think u would have been happier in the USA! sorry bout your story btw. but here the movies and prolly bars and such are open on christmas day. guessing the life insurance is better too,

  18. garytattoo1985

    Very sad story, …
    Very sad story, hope this year was better for you. This year i just got out of the military, and it was my first christmas home in 5 years. None of my family that i do have wanted me to come. I called parents, grandparents, and brother and none of them wanted me around. So at the last minute my Girlfriends parents invited me over. And i took the offer. So i thought its pretty messed up people who didnt know me that well invite me before my family.

  19. Y81FlyinSparks

    @13mordeth …
    @13mordeth including the t-shirt that says “i can kick your baby’s ass”? lol that one made me laugh :)

  20. vincentli520

    That was quite a …
    That was quite a sad story.
    Wish you had a nice Christmas this year!

  21. CX500rider

    I can see you have …
    I can see you have been living in Asia far too long.!!!!!!!!!!

  22. xinheng

    @13mordeth That’s …
    @13mordeth That’s the positive side of Chinese businesses, eh? holidays, we’re open!

  23. Chimerism101

    @13mordeth JFK or …
    @13mordeth JFK or Robert?

  24. MrBKBiker

    Those Canadian’s …
    Those Canadian’s are born to dance, hey!

  25. 13mordeth

    Friend of mine …
    Friend of mine saved the day by taking me to a Chinese restaurant that was open.

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