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4 Responses to “Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”

  1. thegreattotemaster

    Fun fact:

    The …
    Fun fact:

    The main Icelandic TV station translated the title of this movie as “Weird Stuff”.

  2. tantanman2852

    Saw the trailer …
    Saw the trailer for this on the Bridge to Terabithia blu-ray. Really want to watch it now!
    Thanks for the thoughts!

  3. kiki842458

    Speaking of …
    Speaking of Christmas, have you seen the Home Alones?

  4. BethGoth15

    I watched this film …
    I watched this film over the Christmas holidays and thought it was OK. I’m a little bit of a Dustin Hoffman fan and I really liked him in this. But *trying not to spoil it here* when he wasn’t there, it just felt a little dull. Like there wasn’t much going on. I guess it’s OK for kids, though.

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