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Jason Bateman & Zach Mills in ‘Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium’

Duration : 0:2:28

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21 Responses to “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium – Henry & Eric”

  1. taiocrus

    oh :(
    oh :(

  2. rockfan143

    my favorite scene …
    my favorite scene from this movie makes me wanna cry everytime

  3. lovely1515

    he is so cute <3
    he is so cute <3

  4. beckles369

    this is a brilliant …
    this is a brilliant scene. i love it so much. and the song is brilliant too. best scene :)

  5. jimmyeddiehallam

    Best scene in the …
    Best scene in the film.

  6. HaDaacy

    I love this movie

    I love this movie
    and I love this scene in particular.
    And Jason Bateman…
    boy, he is the cutest man in the world!!!
    I definitely love him too =D

  7. TemySadlyAngryLovely

    Bellissimo!!!! L’ho …
    Bellissimo!!!! L’ho visto ieri sera :-D

  8. misskatecullen

    Don’t Be Shy – Cat …
    Don’t Be Shy – Cat Stevens

  9. paraibajr12

    que musica e essaa …
    que musica e essaa eu to doidoo pra saberrrrrr

  10. Evan11Evan11

    THATS ME THATS ME! see the taller kid behind eric wearign a light blue shirt? Yeah thats me no big deal! I met Dustin Hoffman and played him in badminton!!! (He won lmao)

  11. CNGXOX

    Aww this film is …
    Aww this film is really sad! I watched it on a plane aswell!

  12. nutcasekatie

    Thanks, this is …
    Thanks, this is just the scene and song I was looking for :)

  13. isaidgoddamn99

    jason bateman is so …
    jason bateman is so freakin’ adorable.

  14. tatabsales

    eu amo essa cena.. …
    eu amo essa cena.. é tao linda!! e a musica é tao perfeita..

  15. phantomgirl818

    dont be shy by cat …
    dont be shy by cat stevens, amazing isnt it

  16. BrOAct12345

    Can Please Tell me …
    Can Please Tell me wht is the name of this song

  17. GiuliaSTD

    Ahhhh ma sei …
    Ahhhh ma sei italiana pure tu!!! =P ieri ero di fretta e non ho aperto la pagina.. ;) grazie a te per aver pubblicato proprio questa parte..Ieri sera, dopo aver visto il film, l’ho cercata proprio per vedere se c’era..altrimenti l’avrei messa io.. ;) a presto! =)

  18. RebelRedFox

    Ahn ma sei italiana …
    Ahn ma sei italiana?? =P…. cmq grazie a te di aver lasciato un commento!!!!!

  19. GiuliaSTD

    It was just the …
    It was just the scene I was looking for..THANKS! =D that’s right indigirl! =)

  20. indigirl52

    this is the best …
    this is the best scene ever filmed in the history of motion pictures!

  21. IlMagicoMondoDiErika

    Questa scena la …
    Questa scena la adoro ^^..povero Eric però @.@

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