Christmas Story

the MMWE trailer mixed with Harry Potter clips!

Dumbledore – Mr. Magorium
Hermione – Molly Mahorney
Malfoy – Henry Weston

Malfoy may not have been the best choice, but I thought it’d be fun :)

Duration : 0:2:21

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10 Responses to “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium – HP Style”

  1. dreamgirl2014

    i know i love it to
    i know i love it to

  2. 19nonnahs93

    i love these …
    i love these trailers mixed with hp clips! they jsut make me laugh!
    stupid zebra! ahahahah!
    the Store is upset as indicated by tis temper tantrum! ahahahahahahaha

  3. randompurple35

    ha!that’s the best …
    ha!that’s the best one i’ve seen yet! sometimes the lips actually matched up. twas wonderful!

  4. princess7strawberry

    So funny! I liked …
    So funny! I liked how there were some moments where their lips almost matched up with the words.

  5. Jessykeyboardbaby

    wow there lips …
    wow there lips actually sorta lined up with the words great job

  6. gamgquil


  7. winkwinknudgenudge25

    Ha, this rocks. :]
    Ha, this rocks. :]

  8. rockpunk92

    i love her face at …
    i love her face at 1:16!!! heheh this was actually (no offense) goood.

  9. shygirl7

    great video.
    great video.

  10. theworldendsnow


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