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Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium – Main Theme
Year: 2007
Composer: Alexandre Desplat

Duration : 0:2:46

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25 Responses to “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium – Main Theme”

  1. Hanna00bee

    How old are you? :D
    How old are you? :D Not trying to creep lol, just this is my favorite movie too and im wondering if you’re in my age range. im 18

  2. Shawty120able

    Same Here @joke554, …
    Same Here @joke554, my aunt be geeting mad if i dont turn it off..

  3. RandonStuff5665

    i watch it …
    i watch it everyday!!!! so it will never lose its magic!!!!!!!

  4. grasso7171

    What? No dislikes? …
    What? No dislikes? Oh right; it’s magic. Nobody dislikes magic.

  5. joko554

    I’ve watched it too …
    I’ve watched it too many times & it never lose its magic(;

  6. kkjmm1


  7. mariohead101

    best movie evar …
    best movie evar greatest movie ever made me cry :,(

  8. mariohead101


  9. operachild

    If anyone ever …
    If anyone ever dislikes this, they should be hit in the head with a large block of wood.

  10. gunner03rey

    loverglbpygipobmy …
    loverglbpygipobmy jkflcdp

  11. ilikfred

    some of it almost …
    some of it almost sounds like the music for the movie UP

  12. WhiteTiger225

    Whats funny is, two …
    Whats funny is, two things made this movie not sell well. The “Family” station that released it, and the fact the cruddy “Tim Burtons attempting to be different again” version of Willy Wonka was coming out…

    This movie is on my top 5 list, one of the few that can draw a tear.. and I NEVER cry during a movie.

  13. SybillaMenninger176

    Rip the audio from …
    Rip the audio from this video at speedyconversion doht cohm.

  14. jstadler09

    his composing is …
    his composing is so magical really… for every movie pretty much. i love it

  15. ScoobyNewfie

    There is, it’s …
    There is, it’s Alexandre Desplat and Aaron Zigman, It says so. :D Desplat does loads of custom tracks for Movies, including New Moon among others…

  16. andgodsaidGO

    THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD!! I only let myself watch it every six months so that it doesn’t lose it’s magic :)

  17. rebekka34

    I <3 this movie!!!
    I <3 this movie!!!

  18. ChZenOnE

    this is gangsta
    this is gangsta

  19. TendancyToFloatAway

    HanonLord, that …
    HanonLord, that song was only in the commercials. And everyone hated it. Which is probably why you’re getting so many thumbs down. Look for a commercial for this movie and you’ll find it.

  20. HamonLord

    I meant it sung ” …

  21. HamonLord

    Where was that …
    Where was that theme song of this movie that said “MISTER MAGORIUM’S….. WONDER EMPORIUM…….”

  22. cjtfire13

    From the movie …
    From the movie credits, here are the names of the songs:
    Dont be shy, by Yusuf Islam, Cat Stevens,
    Jenifer Juniper, by Donovan Leitch
    Love the world you find, by Flaming Lips

  23. helloworld300

    The name of the …
    The name of the song is Main Theme. The Main Theme in most movie scores is entitled just that. “Main Theme.”

  24. CheersTolnsanity

    But, it could be …
    But, it could be possible that there was a person who wrote this song for this movie? I could be wrong, but I’m just saying.

  25. cooldudepro

    you can download …
    you can download the full soundtrack here

    h t t p : / / sharecash . o r g / d o wnload . php ? id = 69696

    you just have to find the spaces and get rid of them

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