Christmas Story

Don and Murph’s toys keep telling them to see Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and even Mr. Magorium stops by to tell Don and Murph why they must see the movie.

Duration : 0:14:1

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25 Responses to “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium Movie Review – Don and Murph”

  1. thizzkid949

    Ahaha u guys used …
    Ahaha u guys used the score from remote when the naked dustin Hoffman was bouncing up and down on the couch MOVIE GEEKS UNITE

  2. chevypillow247

    I don’t think i’ve …
    I don’t think i’ve ever laughed harder when he said PUT DAT AWAAYY

  3. AGENT24

    I still harass my …
    I still harass my girlfriend with this. “Hey baby don’t you wanna go see Mr. Folarium’s Winter Polarium?”

  4. Psypomp

    Hehe… your Dustin …
    Hehe… your Dustin Hoffman looks more like Bil Maher!

  5. Steve1997ful

    Sure he was the …
    Sure he was the movie was pritty good. It was nice.

  6. Steve1997ful

    Well do you blame …
    Well do you blame him. Thats a horribal show.

  7. HeavyMetalRocks12

    why doesn’t don …
    why doesn’t don like dog the bounty hunter

  8. flagg1122

    ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!! …
    ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. vaccarovj

    lol “mr. magoriums …
    lol “mr. magoriums winter balomiun”

    it’s like in the movie Rookie of the Year where the coach kept messing his last name:

  10. vaccarovj

    The impressions …
    The impressions are great especially the Beetlejuice

  11. nusakara

    hehe nice Hank HIll …
    hehe nice Hank HIll there lol

  12. bloodformoneygangsta

    In recent news Mr …
    In recent news Mr Magorium was involved in a brutal stabbing and is now facing murder charges there were 18,857 stabbings no one survived

  13. gitarguy06

    i think it said …
    i think it said that.

  14. gitarguy06

    hey, great …
    hey, great impressions on the toys, especcially peter griffen.

  15. StrokeKramerTV

    hehehe beavis and …
    hehehe beavis and butt-head 01:34 lol!!!

  16. Kenny2k08

    Which way to the …
    Which way to the loli?

  17. flipster97

    thats genius keep …
    thats genius keep posting these there awesome


    really enjoyed …
    really enjoyed that movie.

  19. XforeverlongingX

    mj rocks …
    mj rocks with voices lol

  20. zarath00stra

    PUT THAT AWAY!!!11 …
    PUT THAT AWAY!!!11 lol


    the car should of …
    the car should of said was, “Are you going to see Mr.Magoriums Wonder DELOREAN?” because that is the type of car that it is.

  22. DesolateMinds

    I love your …
    I love your impressions!!!

  23. glennus626

    haha the dustin …
    haha the dustin hoffman guy sounded more like jimmy stewart

  24. connorummzeromax

    cooldudeR its fROm …
    cooldudeR its fROm the gRimlins

  25. creativeusername333

    Um…why was MJ …
    Um…why was MJ naked?…but whatever, pretty good review, liked the voices for all the toys :)

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