Christmas Story

It’s not quite the same, but i did it by ear =( so if anyone has the scores, you’re welcome to send it to me =)thanks!

(thks to THE2SOURCE for the title ^^)

Duration : 0:1:30

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24 Responses to “Mr. Magorium’s wonder Emporium – Night Time”

  1. brimac106

    Omg I LOVED that:D
    Omg I LOVED that:D

  2. Microwaf

    I think so too… …
    I think so too… I love this song

  3. cit3n3llz

    i think she is …
    i think she is awesome ;,)

  4. itsmistersmoke

    You’re beautiful, …
    You’re beautiful, so is your piano playing

  5. DieFetteDame

    When you´ve played …
    When you´ve played a piece very often, you don´t need the sheet music anymore.

  6. 411Guitarchick

    wow thats amazing …
    wow thats amazing girl keep it up!!

  7. ShitSherriff

    she never looks at …
    she never looks at them

  8. Z3thon

    Beautiful piece one …
    Beautiful piece one of the ones that sent shivers through me during the movie. (Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium) Just beautiful.

  9. kkjmm1

    thanks for the …
    thanks for the tutorial (:
    now i know itt ^^

  10. WoodNinja13

    I got goosebumps!! …
    I got goosebumps!!! Great job!!! :D

  11. geeorgiiaah

    well she’s reading …
    well she’s reading sheet music?

  12. fushnchupsbro

    this almost made me …
    this almost made me cry, its so beautiful :)
    youre amazing <3

  13. Garfunklmibladder

    how did you get …
    how did you get them?

  14. 16356518

    where di you get …
    where di you get the sheet music for night time, i have been loking for it , if you could reply that would be great

  15. JoelandtheBots

    There is no sheet …
    There is no sheet music for this, moron. We have to do this by ear.

  16. jessicatheBAMF

    this is great, i …
    this is great, i can play it too!! (:
    its really prettyy.

  17. bahhlishx

    it is an amazing …
    it is an amazing song, but its not really something to skate to is it?

  18. bahhlishx

    can you not read?! …
    can you not read?! :|

  19. ewap177


  20. justtjumpit

    absoluttellyyy …
    absoluttellyyy amazing. I can’t really play anythingg by ear! But if i have sheet music its set :] can’t find any for this thoughhh

  21. JUNIORorCJ

    wow u did pretty …
    wow u did pretty good to do it by ear :D

  22. bababunnyboo10

    wow): that was …
    wow): that was really good !

  23. lexisayok

    not accurate, get …
    not accurate, get sheet music

  24. comonmenu

    did u rite da …
    did u rite da sheet musics ur self?

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