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Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium Premiere at the Empire, Leicester Square, London on 25 November 2007. Attending were Andy Serkis, Bill Oddie, Brian Friedman, Dustin Hoffman, Gail Porter, Jason Isaacs, Lee Ryan, Lisa Butcher, Zach Mills.

Duration : 0:6:56

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12 Responses to “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium Premiere”

  1. kerryoke68

    Yes that was so …
    Yes that was so funny how the juggler startled him.

  2. xAlbinoBurrito


    Zach was …

    Zach was all like “Oh my God!”

  3. Notawesomeatall7

    Jason Isaacs just …
    Jason Isaacs just comes walking over- TOTAL SWEETIE

  4. IntermittentSprocket

    That was a bit …
    That was a bit tight Dustin, didn’t walk over to great the fans or spectators, that have been standing outside. I guess he couldn’t wait to hear the ultimate 56KW THX JBL sound system at the Empire, the only one with dbx4800.

  5. IntermittentSprocket

    I bet Jason Isaacs …
    I bet Jason Isaacs digs JBL THX!

  6. IntermittentSprocket

    I saw the trailer …
    I saw the trailer to (Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium) this on July 26th 2007, just before seeing Transformers in THX with 56KW of JBL sound power. How come must of these DICK English celebrities are going into a THX JBL sound system, I bet these wankers don’t appreciate JBL THX sound!

  7. lippy88lizzy

    that should say ” …
    that should say “seperating the fans”
    it’s my stupid keyboard! the space bars stiff!

  8. lippy88lizzy

    jason is such a …
    jason is such a sweetheart!
    if they broke the barrier sepeartinthefans n celebs i would “chase jase!” lol :D

  9. banane1706

    lee ryan is soo …
    lee ryan is soo cute! :D

  10. kjta93

    Jason Isaacs is …
    Jason Isaacs is fabulous to his fans, each and every time. He treats them kindly and with as much enthusiasm as we bestow upon him…

  11. Chari910

    Jason Isaacs is …
    Jason Isaacs is ALWAYS extremely nice to fans. :) 

  12. manolisvarnassinger

    dustin is very …
    dustin is very friendly actor when he comes to these premiere compared to some other actors who like to snob their fans who wait for them 3 hours in the cold.

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