Christmas Story

MSTS-The Polar Express

August 2nd, 2012

2-8-4 Berkshire Superpower Steam Locomotive #1225 renamed as The Polar Express thunders through the SR-Full Bucket Line in this Christmas edition of Kyle Linardo Productions.

***Polar Express Trainset and Consist available on***

Duration : 0:4:12

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14 Responses to “MSTS-The Polar Express”

  1. greatbuilder345

    can you send me …
    can you send me the download link for train?

  2. kanavra1


  3. KZ1993

    check your inbox …
    check your inbox for the response

  4. KZ1993

    check your inbox …
    check your inbox for the response

  5. Interestingenough4

    Where’d you get …
    Where’d you get this?

  6. SuperMarioMDP1997

    I can’t make it …
    I can’t make it work…

  7. gtaroblox101

    what is the …
    what is the website to downnload it

  8. gtaroblox101

    can you give me …
    can you give me the website (the link) just send it to the inbox

  9. salemcripple

    that’s one of the …
    that’s one of the only things i didn’t like about msts. It’s lack of any big western steam locos. And their lack of any west coast routes.

  10. KZ1993

    Well this is …
    Well this is actually the SR-Full Bucket Line. I liked how it looked barren and I was trying it out for the first time.

  11. Kuechenchefele

    no iced lake? no …
    no iced lake? no rollercoasterscene? booooooring xD no seriously, the train is great the details too, but i would really like to see it at trainz, cause mapping and stuff is much easier to build the real polarexpress route.

  12. steampower2001

    Yes, it’s called …
    Yes, it’s called Microsoft Train Simulator. The Polar Express is an add-on so don’t expect to see it when you first get it.

  13. ojam4263

    is this a video …
    is this a video game or something?

  14. TheBigboyfan



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