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This is Night Time, originally by Alexandre Desplat, and it is made to be Molly Mahoney’s first piece in the 2007 movie Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

Duration : 0:1:58

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25 Responses to “Night Time – Mahoney’s Debut Full Version Piano ( Mr.Magorium’s Wonder Emporium )”

  1. GraceOfGodivette

    google youtube to …
    google youtube to mp3 and you can download the song :)

  2. Parkourexpertandtrai

    Omg I’ve looked …
    Omg I’ve looked everywhere every vidio and still can’t find the music

  3. kletuskasady1

    anybody know where …
    anybody know where i can download this version

  4. cupcakedrumdrum

    Any Idea where to …
    Any Idea where to get the sheet music? free from the net or the soundtrack book?

  5. BronzeKnife1

    Is there somewhere …
    Is there somewhere to buy this song without having to purchase the entire movie soundtrack?

  6. rihannailove1

    it sounds kind of …
    it sounds kind of boat leg but its great

  7. MrJackonRocks

    We need everyone to …
    We need everyone to be like Mr. magoruim.

  8. minaminaseo


  9. minaminaseo

    I love …

    I love this♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  10. Despresiva

    Omg! I’d love that! …
    Omg! I’d love that!! thank you thank you ♥ i’d appreciate ir :) Sorry it took me so long answer..

  11. Firefox9799

    I want a tutorial!
    I want a tutorial!

  12. scrunchy2001

    Said that you only …
    Said that you only know a little but of the piece…maybe I can give a tutorial to you! My favorite part is the mixture of the keys in the middle!

  13. scrunchy2001

    Oh thanks! You
    Oh thanks! You

  14. luvadubdub12

    i learned how to do …
    i learned how to do some of it but from the original version i can make a tutorial if you’d like or i can just tell you the keys! :)

  15. scrunchy2001

    I can play this …
    I can play this gorgeous song on piano myself.

  16. bkick970

    beautiful song, I …
    beautiful song, I play this sometimes while doing homework. Makes me feel like I’m doing something meaningful while doing work :)

  17. deanygenie2000

    most beautiful …
    most beautiful peace of music i may have heard, cant stop listening to this, everything goes with it, a simple story, a life of somone growing up, so so so amazing, never used to take notice of this song in the film, then one day i started to hear it in my head and tried to work out where it was from, i couldnt guess, when i did i fell in love with it .

  18. Despresiva

    AWW i wish i could …
    AWW i wish i could learn it! I cant finde any tutorial with this song!! :( 

  19. DreamsAWorldOfOurOwn

    @DarkMagician5509 …

  20. DarkMagician5509

    How can I download …
    How can I download this off the Internet?

  21. cjhrjone54

    I made up some …
    I made up some lyrics to go this song. PM me if you want to see them!

  22. gospelgirlxoxo

    This song makes me …
    This song makes me wish that i could play the piano. It makes me want to fly. It makes me want to dream, of the impossible, the improbable, and the seemingly unnexpected things that we come across in life. Just like the movie, its trying to tell you that your life is not ‘just’ your life, its what you do with it that makes it magical.

  23. deanygenie2000

    My fave
    My fave

  24. TheTMillard

    Can anyone tell me …
    Can anyone tell me where to find the piece written? please (:

  25. FringeFan1993


    hey …

    hey wonderful song, have seen the movie recently and felt in love with this song. Have u got the piano sheets from night time? If so, could you send it me, couldn’t find it anywhere else :( ….. :)

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