Christmas Story

A piano piece I picked up from watching Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. I mess up a few times, but all well :p

Duration : 0:2:26

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25 Responses to “Night Time – Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (Piano Solo) by Isiah Adams”

  1. IsiahAdamsMusic

    @karisaucedo92 …
    @karisaucedo92 Thank you, that’s very kind of you! :)

  2. karisaucedo92

    Amazing Job!! You …
    Amazing Job!! You play excellent!! … What mistakes? :p 

  3. eyleahjohnson

    Wow! Awesome job!! …
    Wow! Awesome job!! :) I learned an easy version, but this is incredible! Do you have sheet music for this? You should make a tutorial of this song. Please? ;)

  4. IsiahAdamsMusic

    @ichhabegitarregern …
    @ichhabegitarregern Thank you!

  5. IsiahAdamsMusic

    @ThumbsUpBomb …
    @ThumbsUpBomb Absolutely. I’ll just link you to the download here shortly :)

  6. ichhabegitarregern

    Nice, I like it.
    Nice, I like it.

  7. moriahlovesrockout

    Sheet music. Please …
    Sheet music. Please!! :)

  8. ThumbsUpBomb

    @IsiahAdamsMusic …
    @IsiahAdamsMusic yay! can you send me a link?? or email whichever just message me

  9. IsiahAdamsMusic

    @ThumbsUpBomb I can …
    @ThumbsUpBomb I can give you an Mp3 of this if you’d like :) 

  10. ThumbsUpBomb


  11. IsiahAdamsMusic

    @ …
    @cantlivewithoutmusi1 Best of luck to you! :D

  12. cantlivewithoutmusi1

    Amazing! I’m just …
    Amazing! I’m just starting to learn to play… :)

  13. FrancescaMars

    @IsiahAdamsMusic …
    @IsiahAdamsMusic yes i found them, now i can play it :)

  14. IsiahAdamsMusic

    @FrancescaMars Well …
    @FrancescaMars Well thank you! I don’t believe there is any sheet music for how I play this song, but there are a few tutorials here on YouTube. Just search “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium piano tutorial” :D Hope that helps! I may make a tutorial of my own soon, a lot of people seem to be asking haha!

  15. FrancescaMars

    it’s amazing, …
    it’s amazing, congrats! do u know where can i find the sheet, or a piano tutorial??

  16. 22Cirkeline

    @IsiahAdamsMusic …
    @IsiahAdamsMusic That’s to bad, but thank’s for the hint :) .. And again, it’s really beautiful! ;)

  17. yeye250594

    @IsiahAdamsMusic …
    @IsiahAdamsMusic thanks :D

  18. ordinaryste

    @IsiahAdamsMusic …
    @IsiahAdamsMusic oh it’s regrettable ! i can’t learn a song by ear, it’s difficult :p

  19. jaybriezylol22

    @IsiahAdamsMusic …
    @IsiahAdamsMusic thanks!!

  20. IsiahAdamsMusic

    @jaybriezylol22 …
    @jaybriezylol22 That’s great news! The piano is very fun to play :) I only started playing again because I was also inspired by other music artists. Best of luck to you! :D

  21. IsiahAdamsMusic

    @ordinaryste I’m so …
    @ordinaryste I’m so sorry, I don’t have the sheet music. I learned this song by ear. Might try some video tutorials of this song if there are any. I’m getting a lot of requests for sheet music, so I may try to help you guys out here soon :)

  22. IsiahAdamsMusic

    @yeye250594 Done …
    @yeye250594 Done and done! :D

  23. jaybriezylol22

    @IsiahAdamsMusic …
    @IsiahAdamsMusic and because of you and some other people, i got inspired to start playin the piano

  24. IsiahAdamsMusic

    @swangdaddy22 …
    @swangdaddy22 Thanks! :D 

  25. IsiahAdamsMusic

    @paperthink92 Much …
    @paperthink92 Much appreciated! 

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