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Night time from ” Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium ”
it’s my first cover I hope you enjoy it as much as my
Special thanks to sportssweetie312 for posted the tutorial
thank you very much!)
Enjoy ,
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Duration : 0:1:41

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14 Responses to “Piano Cover – Night Time – Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (my first cover , Enjoy !)”

  1. yeye250594

    Unfortunately …
    Unfortunately there’s no score or sheet music of this movie, I’m still searching for it :S

  2. isaacmiller1993


  3. ARTHUR181207

    WOW!!! O.O
    WOW!!! O.O

  4. ARTHUR181207


  5. stella003009

    google lauras free …
    google lauras free sheet music and nighttime by aaron zigman and you can get it for free

  6. yeye250594

    O.O thanks !)
    O.O thanks !)

  7. PimftFlorine

    Love it <3
    Love it <3

  8. yeye250594

    thank you !)
    thank you !)

  9. yeye250594

    ohhh thanks !) I …
    ohhh thanks !) I learned this song by ear
    there isn’t any sheets for this song but sportswetie312 has a tutorial

  10. amandinapeke

    i love your cover!! …
    i love your cover!! the song is amazing?? did you play it by ear?? or wheredid you find the notes??

  11. Nanniiii92

    echt schön gespielt …
    echt schön gespielt :) 

  12. jesikasmile123

    :) your welcome
    :) your welcome

  13. yeye250594

    ohh thanks !)
    ohh thanks !)

  14. jesikasmile123

    its so pretty i …
    its so pretty i love the movie too

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