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i have a tutorial,
and that has the notes in it:]
i could still send them to you,
but i find it silly:D

Well, thanks to you guys telling me my piano wasn’t tuned, my mom got it tuned(: so i decided to repost this video!

Night Time from Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

King of glory, have Your glory. ♥

Duration : 0:1:54

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25 Responses to “Piano Cover – Night Time -Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (not the finale- read descriptionnn!)”

  1. deanygenie2000

    That’s buetiful!
    That’s buetiful!

  2. sportssweetie312

    @BelNemecsek96 haha …
    @BelNemecsek96 haha, that would be my mom :) thanks for watching! and for sure – let me know when you have it up and i’ll check it out :)

  3. BelNemecsek96

    who screamed in the …
    who screamed in the end? lol, it was funny :D great video and arrangement! i’ll post my arrangement as soon as i get a piano in my house, it would be great if you guys check it out when i post it. =D

  4. sportssweetie312

    @Winter10110 haha …
    @Winter10110 haha yesssss!!

  5. Winter10110

    Horray for tuned …
    Horray for tuned piano’s!!!! : )

  6. sportssweetie312

    @22Cirkeline it’s …
    @22Cirkeline it’s the “video response” right above the comment box :)

  7. 22Cirkeline

    @sportssweetie312 …
    @sportssweetie312 I can’t find the tutorial? Where is it? :(

  8. Sadlullabiesdreamer

    that was so …
    that was so beautiful… thank you

    Bless your soul  =)

  9. sportssweetie312

    @Ktos1Taki …
    @Ktos1Taki description of the tutorial :)

  10. Ktos1Taki

    Greate!!! Notes …
    Greate!!! Notes Please…..

  11. Ktos1Taki

    Great!!! Notes …
    Great!!! Notes please….

  12. sportssweetie312

    @MajaandMelanie it …
    @MajaandMelanie it is!

  13. MajaandMelanie

    god, it looks so …
    god, it looks so easy..

  14. sportssweetie312

    it’s in the …
    it’s in the description of my tutorial,
    which is the video response.
    thank youu:)

  15. lana10000001

    hi you are very …
    hi you are very good i have tryed and tryed playing in is hard i would really like to learn this song can u send me the notes please

  16. sportssweetie312

    I think it changes; …
    I think it changes; because I was trying to write the sheet music once, and I remember it having really weird timing.

  17. pugluvver987

    @sportssweetie312 …
    @sportssweetie312 ur welcome, iz the timing 6/8?? i think it is but im not completely sure… thnx :D

  18. pugluvver987

    wow. u r soo …
    wow. u r soo talented! im really jealous!! ;)

  19. sxccheese

    Ohh rite lol. …
    Ohh rite lol. thankyou :) . your other video reely helped me and now i can play it :) i love this song :D byee !! x

  20. sportssweetie312

    theyre in the …
    theyre in the tutorial description:D

  21. sxccheese

    Hiaa. this is …
    Hiaa. this is amazing, dont get me rong :P but i thought you sed the notes would be up ? :)

  22. Braye93

    You’re Very …
    You’re Very welcome!

  23. sportssweetie312

    thank you! it’s …
    thank you! it’s very worth it:)

  24. sportssweetie312

    thanks so much! :)
    thanks so much! :)

  25. Braye93

    I think yours is …
    I think yours is the best. Also it’s longer than the actual song which I like. You piano sounds a lot better in this video! Great job!

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