Christmas Story

Selfmade clip of the movie “The Polar Express” (2004).

All video footage belongs to the Warner Bros. Company

Duration : 0:4:15

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25 Responses to “Polar Express – Believe (Josh Groban)”

  1. TheRManProds

    It’s showing …
    It’s showing tonight mon-thurs at 8 & 10 pm 

  2. MrBrknhrt

    Merry Christmas …
    Merry Christmas from Alabama everybody , I can still hear the bell . :) )

  3. jodes015

    i love this song …
    i love this song too what words and what a voice

  4. danielnguyen123

    The last scene of …
    The last scene of the movie brought me to tears. :)

  5. LiceCompany

    @ …
    @missdolcecomeilmiele thats what i said

  6. quirree

    Lovely song and …
    Lovely song and really nice clip!

  7. mrsmoimoi23

    i LOVE this song!
    i LOVE this song!

  8. Sapaul009

    Merry Chritsmas …
    Merry Chritsmas Everyone from NEW YORK!!!!- can’t wait to watch Polar Express on Chrstmas Eve and Christmas Day.

  9. missdolcecomeilmiele

    The best Christmas …
    The best Christmas song **

  10. Kayla98CS

    Like if your …
    Like if your watching it 2011

  11. aShoe0o

    Have a merry …
    Have a merry Christmas everyone :) 

  12. jroeder0

    Man, I miss being 5
    Man, I miss being 5

  13. SuppleGooch

    16 people opened …
    16 people opened their gift before christmas day.

  14. TeeHeeStudios2000

    You never stop …
    You never stop hearing the bells. Especially when you believe.

  15. readhead14

    @bearbugbubble that …
    @bearbugbubble that was awesome. :”)

  16. readhead14

    @MegaHiya23 still …
    @MegaHiya23 still do, always will :’)

  17. TheLilliJacobs

    favorite christmas …
    favorite christmas song of all time by far<3 It brings tears to my eyes within the first 5 seconds. so beautiful and so true.

  18. jboweruk

    @777jimmyxxx When …
    @777jimmyxxx When it gets to the end of the film and they play this, just as the bell is sitting there on the table, that tears the heart right out of me every time.

  19. xExpressUrSelfx

    Watching this on …
    Watching this on ABC Family right now. :) One of my favorite Christmas songs!

  20. rachel7036

    RIP chris, I miss …
    RIP chris, I miss you….my brother……:(

  21. coolblue6650

    16 people are …
    16 people are jealous because they didn’t get the first gift of christmas >:O

  22. W177H37M

    Well done cut, …
    Well done cut, indeed! Love that movie! beLIEve?! I don’t know…

  23. SlaughterHouseism

    I want to be a …
    I want to be a kid again

  24. MrCostyalex

    believe in what you …
    believe in what you feel inside
    and give your dreams the wings to fly
    you have everything you need
    if you just believe…

  25. Kathryn176

    i stopped believing …
    i stopped believing in santa when i was 11, and i really do miss believing because christmas isnt the same without believing, but iv learned that its not st.nick that matters on christmas, its jesus that matters. But christmas is still a beautiful holiday even without believing in st. nick, its beautiful because it is the day that our savior was born.

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