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Featured In This New Christmas Holiday Video Is The 1st Great Seal of The USA And The ‘Codex Gigas’ A Mystical Magical Royal Treasure
Also Known As The Devils Bible.

Historically The Codex Gigas Is A Spoil of War Taken From The Royal
Treasury of The Holy Roman Emperor ‘Rudolph II’ By The Plundering
Swedish Army And One Story Is Rudolph Had Borrowed The Book
From A Monastery For His Art Exhibit & Occult Studies
And Never Returned The Book.

The Codex Gigas Is Believed To Be Written By A Mysterious
‘Bohemian Monk’ Who Sold His Soul To The Devil.

Due To Its Old Age The Codex Gigas Is Kept Under A Customized Shroud
For Preservation Purposes And Because of Its Priceless Value The Codex
Gigas Is Sealed In A Guarded Vault At The Royal Library In Stockholm.


(1.) The Codex Gigas Is A Giant Book of Questionable Origin;
Almost 1000 Years Old; And A National Treasure Once
Counted To Be The 8th Wonder of The World.

(2.) The Codex Gigas Is The Largest Medieval Manuscript Known To Exist
On Earth; Each Page In The Devils Bible Is A Animal Skin And The Giant
Book Recently Made International Headlines And Vented For One Hour
In A National Geographic Tell A Vision Special.

(3.) Legend Is Nobody Knows Who Wrote The Devils Bible or What Inspired
Its Writer, The Other Legend Is Nobody Knows Who Designed The 1st Great
Seal or What Inspired Its Designer.

(4.) American Legend Is A Mysterious Hooded/Cloaked Figure of A Man
Gave Thomas Jefferson The Design For Americas 1st Great Seal : )

(5.) Another Legend Closely Related To This Christmas Holiday Story Is
The Legend of A Wise Man Who Claimed To Be “The Truth” Born In
Bethlehem, Legend Is The Truth Was Hated And Betrayed And Sold
For 30 Pieces of Silver To Be Brutally Edited; Wrapped In A Custom
Shroud For Preservation Purposes And Sealed In A New Vault
Until The Edited Truth Magically Escaped The Vault Un-Edited.


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