Christmas Story

Santa and Zia Tedesco

January 29th, 2011 Zia Tedesco, 2 1/2 years old, desperately wants a big dollhouse and a little dollhouse, with 3 little babies and a mommy and daddy inside, and a choo choo train, loves Santa this year, says she is going to leave you a “big black cookie” and “2 carrots for the reindeer.” She has been a good girl all year, eats all of her food, is nice to her friends and mommy and daddy, and is trying to go potty and be a big girl. (Thank you, Santa!)

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2 Responses to “Santa and Zia Tedesco”

  1. SantaTherealbeared

    Thank you … Zia …
    Thank you … Zia is very special~

  2. tedescobaby

    Oh Santa, THANK YOU …
    Oh Santa, THANK YOU….she sat on my lap, and I never saw her face beam brighter than it just did. You just made her day. I am saving this for her, I cannot thank you enough. ~Lori T

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