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Santa’s Map

November 24th, 2010

Well Children…..  I’m going to tell you a story about why I’ve come back to Lancaster this Christmas.

Years ago, when people stopped putting Chimneys on their houses I had to think of another way of getting into the Children’s houses so I could leave their presents.

Mrs Claus came up with the idea of a Magic Key made of Gold.

Now the North Pole is magical but we did not have any Gold to make the key.

Mrs Claus then said, there’s gold in California and at the moment there is a Gold Rush in Lancaster.

I then decided I would hitch up the Sleigh and travel to America to find Gold. We landed in Lancaster and headed for the Hills to join the Gold Rush. We tried all day to find Gold but we couldn’t find any, we tried and we tried, so I said to Rudolph “Let’s go home, but he said, I think we should try again tomorrow.”

I then agreed and booked ourselves into the Gilwyn Hotel which is now the Western Hotel for the night. I booked a Stable for Rudolph and a room for Santa.

As I took Rudolph to the Barn I noticed there was not enough Hay so I proceeded to move a bale of Hay and there underneath! to my surprise was a treasure map which said “X marks the spot for Gold.”

Santa's map

Santa's map

Well that night I couldn’t sleep for excitement, then first thing in the morning I set off to find Gold. I followed the map into the hills, to the spot marked “X” and started to dig and there it was, Gold Nuggets to make my Magic Key.

Well we headed back to the North Pole and made the Magic Key and it works just fine, but I bet you are still wondering why I came back to Lancaster.

Well last month I found the map in one of my draws when I was searching for the Nice List and to my surprise I hadn’t read the back of the map. It said. “On finding Gold please return the map to Lancaster and hide it, so the next person that finds it will find gold within their hearts to help people not as fortunate as themselves.

Children, I have come back to Lancaster, so I can hide the Map and one day soon, it will be found. You never know you may find Santa’s Map. I think it could be on the BLVD somewhere. Anyway I’ve told Mrs Claus everyone is so nice here, I am going to stop in Lancaster until Christmas Eve to see if anyone can find Santa’s Map.

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