Christmas Story

Santa Stuck in a Chimney is a classic segment taken from the cult classic TV series, Mostly True Stories: Urban Legends Revealed. This show as well as the entire series is available on DVD only from You can also purchase numerous other programs like the highly rated series Beyond Bizarre, Women on Death Row, Weird Travels, Mysteries Within and many more.

Duration : 0:8:58

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25 Responses to ““Santa’s Tragic End” a Mostly True XMAS Story”

  1. 0darkG


    actully …

    actully it was ONE DAY but… yeah, same!

  2. missawesomex10

    why the heck would …
    why the heck would he do that? He should know that they would be asleep and probably be scared to death if some guy in a Santa suit came.

  3. LovelyStrangeWitch2

    Worst….Christmas. …

  4. Zim804

    Is the host Natasha …
    Is the host Natasha Hendridge from species?

  5. Tabbimura

    Mom killed Santa!!! …
    Mom killed Santa!!! Girl Think.

  6. MaverickXIII

    talk about …
    talk about Nightmare Before Christmas

  7. Hersheys11

    awww. =(
    awww. =(

  8. jenzeppelin

    what’s up with the …
    what’s up with the top hat on the chimney sweep guy? a throwback fashion statement to hint of another time, when chimney sweeps were common?

  9. iamhungey12345

    He said one “Ho” …
    He said one “Ho” too many.

  10. 101mysteryguy

    that guy looks like …
    that guy looks like art rae my old relastate agent lol oh and also she burned santa wah!

  11. Neoguest

    @piggybankvillan …
    @piggybankvillan youb Maybe because of clothing you buy for it. and type of bear you buy.
    Stuff animals at Buildabear cost $10 to $25 .
    outfit are $10 to $13.50.
    shoes are $5to $8 I buildabear I buy cost $40 and I do use a coupon sometime

  12. Alycat4848

    who would seriously …
    who would seriously be stupid enough to clib down the chimny dressed as a fat guy

  13. tommytommy47

    the presenter is …
    the presenter is propper fit

  14. VenusCrescentBeam

    Yeah! That’s where …
    Yeah! That’s where I remember this from.

  15. EddieTheMagicalHobo1

    thats from the …
    thats from the movie “gremlins”. A teenage girl says that happened to her dad and thats why she did nont like christmas

  16. Equilibrium2037

    That would suck, …
    That would suck, your dad dying on Christmas. The little girl and the wife are going to be in therapy for years. Why wouldn’t you tell your wife, you’re going to dress up as Santa? So she won’t think someone trying to rob her house.

  17. Neoguest

    A chimney sweep.
    A chimney sweep.

  18. sw33tiexkiwi

    its a build-a-bear …
    its a build-a-bear : ) you make it yourself and you also buy clothes for it lol..

  19. kurox67

    talk about a kuroi …
    talk about a kuroi kurisumasu

  20. fourteenKnuckels

    LMAO any jerk that …
    LMAO any jerk that trys to go down a chimmy needs to die.
    A grow man saying it could be done because he saw it on Mary Poppins. Moron

  21. piggybankvillan

    Why would you pay …
    Why would you pay $65+ for a stupid stuffed animal? I don’t care how old you are, that’s just insane. I got basically the same thing when I was a kid for $1 at a garage sale…

  22. DragonSemi

    This legend was …
    This legend was used in the first Gremlins movie, wasn’t it?

  23. zeldaaddict00

    could be worse, you …
    could be worse, you could get the first full season of Happy Hour

  24. lolpout

    Merry Christmas to …
    Merry Christmas to all. And to all a Necksnapping night. That sucks.

  25. inuismyfav

    i know right the …
    i know right the stuffed animal you get is like 20 bucks then you have to get the clothes and shoes and hats it cost me $80+!

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