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Fred Astaire in “Say It With Firecrackers” from Holiday Inn (1942).

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25 Responses to “Say It With Firecrackers – Fred Astaire”

  1. 123clash5

    I often tend to …
    I often tend to look away from my screen whenever I see austaire dance because he just gives me the chills; but while reading the comments I heard these “explosions” and “bangs” and just had to look up and stare at austaire burning up the fireworks! I thought it was him tapping, but seeing him creating these explosions was amazing! Why dont they make men THIS classy and cool anymore? :)

  2. bevvox

    Ahhh, the lost art …
    Ahhh, the lost art of tap dancing…

  3. annalovesfilm

    Always pleasure to …
    Always pleasure to watch brilliant, amazing, talented,….Mr. Astaire. I love you Fred!!!! :)

  4. katandbaby

    As Kelly himself …
    As Kelly himself said “the history of dance on film begin’s with Astaire” if you really want to see magic then watch ‘The Babbit and The Bromide’ from Ziegfeld Follies (1946)

  5. cattitta0087

    Seriously, I could …
    Seriously, I could watch this over and over again.. I can’t believe The Triplets Of Belleville brought me here!

  6. KboogieFunk

    fred astaire …
    fred astaire practiced until his feet bled. RESPECT.

  7. mhoopisblues

    Oh i lovelovelove …
    Oh i lovelovelove this Video so much and i can’t get enough of Astaire. I thank God : there are actually no Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly or whoever from that period BUT there is youtube!

  8. mhoopisblues

    I totally agree. …
    I totally agree. They were both brilliant on their own way and uncomparable. I always loved Gene Kelly’s warm, emotional dancing and acting, but now i fall in Love with Fred Astaire’s Elegance, Nonchalance and Humor. He’s unbelievable and i love watching him. He is Fred Astaire and not Gene Kelly and Gene Kelly ist Gene Kelly and not Fred Astaire. That’s all and that’s easy to see.

  9. mhoopisblues


  10. EthalaRide

    I just LOVE how …
    I just LOVE how Fred doesn’t react to the explosions what so ever! he’s an AMAZING performer. no, he is the best. B. E. S. T!!!

  11. nemeckathleen1

    One of my all time …
    One of my all time favorite numbers Astaire danced. Absolutely, positively, love it! How can you not love such skill what a wonderful & creative tap dancer with such excellent chorography. He truly was the master at his craft!

  12. mackinm00se

    I’ll argue this …
    I’ll argue this just because I’m bored. Kellys’ style of tap was digging into every step, really putting force into each tap. Astaire, on the other hand, is much lighter on his feet and glides across the ground as he taps. Both are acceptable styles of tap dancing, but Gene Kelly developed a style thought of as being more masculine and daring, whereas Fred Astaire danced in a more traditional and, dare I say, classier form of tap.
    Both are ballers and I want what they got.

  13. Rhyno186

    The curtains part …
    The curtains part and he just floats his way across the stage. Pure magic!

  14. tsblonde510

    This is one of my …
    This is one of my favorite dance scenes in movies. Love this movie. Fred was the greatest.
    {Even Gene Kelly made the following comment re: Fred Astaire] I work bigger. Fred’s style is more intimate. I’m very jealous of that when I see him on the small screen. Fred looks so great on TV. I’d love to put on a white tie and tails and look as thin as him and glide as smoothly. But I’m built like a blocking tackle.

  15. tashlentine

    Just watched this …
    Just watched this on mute with Chilly Gonzales ‘never stop’ playing in the background. It works. Just goes to show that Fred will always be bang on. (pun fully intended ;) )

  16. BriefEncounter1987

    2 people who didnt …
    2 people who didnt like this video have clearly been hurt in Firecracker incidences :D

  17. luvinx8

    I feel the exact …
    I feel the exact same way!

  18. KsTiggerMom

    Kelly & Astaire …
    Kelly & Astaire were 2 completely different kinds of dances. It’s like comparing Frank Sinatra to Bruce Springsteen. They are all good just different. I enjoy it all.

  19. phophjoph

    ha when we play …
    ha when we play with fire we just get burned, now when fred plays with fire he sets the whole dance floor a blaze!

  20. kornbelt

    that’s some dancin, …
    that’s some dancin, and he ain’t even “african amurrrrican”

  21. kornbelt

    haha that’s great
    haha that’s great

  22. CaptEoNinja83

    Fred Astaire ROCKS …
    Fred Astaire ROCKS SO MUCH!!!

  23. MissEloiseJ

    This is totally …
    This is totally brill – can’t stop watching it! Great film too.

  24. Abbeysums

    This has always …
    This has always been one of my favorite movie moments! Once you’ve seen this performance you’re not likely to forget it for a very long time. Great Post!

  25. riffmagos

    He’s still great, …
    He’s still great, even after all these years. Simply timeless.

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