Christmas Story

john malkovich reads a christmas story to kids

Duration : 0:5:6

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22 Responses to “SNL john malkovich reads a christmas story”

  1. vesperlovett

    i dont know but i …
    i dont know but i dont think dat a single person believed on pai natal’s toes thief story that malkovich told ! maybe because pai natal doesnt exist? oh and im portuguese and i didnt get offended at all! guys chill out! xD

  2. vesperlovett

    @feneco2 calm down! …
    @feneco2 calm down!! it was funny! and love malkovich!!! :’)

  3. feneco2

    I’m portuguese, …
    I’m portuguese, I’ve always lived in Portugal, AND I NEVER HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT SANTA STEALING TOES!!! I don’t like watching my country being regarded as weird… ’cause it’s not. Anyway, where the did he get the whole idea of “butter sticks”? I’ve seen on the internet, and it’s not for sale here in Portugal – at least I’ve never seen it… but he’s funny :)

  4. rockpapersuzi

    god, I love john …
    god, I love john malkovich.

  5. beverlyskates

    I saw this when it …
    I saw this when it came out thanks for posting!!!

  6. undertakermjfforever


  7. undertakermjfforever


  8. zcarter80

    i had almost forgot …
    i had almost forgot about this episode! freaking funny as hell!

  9. Zardoz151

    É uma piada.
    É uma piada.

  10. DANGLEthenSNIP3


  11. 7grims

    really dont know …
    really dont know what are those, but I’m glad it was malkovich making the joke. even if it’s not true its really funny

  12. lebbo88

    Sticks of …

    Sticks of butter. Like the kind you buy. Except it’s handmade.

  13. stevo111888

    maybe someone lied …
    maybe someone lied to you when they told you that you were portuguese

  14. 7grims

    yah, you’r right, …
    yah, you’r right, and what the are butter sticks?
    never eard about that here in PT

  15. jotatuga16

    that’s a lie. in …
    that’s a lie. in portugal, “pai natal” doesn’t steal one of your toes. i’m portuguese and i never heard anything like that

  16. emma473

    ha…he’s great… …
    ha…he’s great…loved him in Dangerous Liasons. A great movie with a very intriguing and twisted plot….will always be one of my all time favorites. Has great lines (spoken by Malkovich)…” I have no illusions, I lost them on my travels”…GREAT STUFF!

  17. HarryHood96

    “This is a …
    “This is a scientific fact.”

  18. blackwell754

    “Santa and his …
    “Santa and his reindeer would burst into flames” – Oh John you are so cruel ha ha!

  19. Zelda1542

    [chuclying] he soo …
    [chuclying] he soo funny better then gearge carlin

  20. Bariwon1


  21. Zelda1542

    itchy itchy [laghts]
    itchy itchy [laghts]

  22. VryEz23

    everything he says …
    everything he says is true

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