Christmas Story

Somewhere in my memory – Home Alone soundtrack by John Williams…with christmas pictures of Quebec-Canada.

Duration : 0:3:20

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20 Responses to “Somewhere in my memory – John Williams (Home alone soundtrack)”

  1. angelscryize

    oh my god you made …
    oh my god you made me cry coz this track reminds me of my mom she used to listen it with me when i was 4. miss you mom R.I.P.

  2. frontiers1985

    Instant childhood.
    Instant childhood.

  3. Kathryn Schroeder

    Yes, your words are …
    Yes, your words are so true. Kiki & Julie

  4. gls870

    I’m away from home …
    I’m away from home right now, even though this is a Christmas song, this song reminds me of my family…I can’t wait to see them again :)

  5. jony24121

    linda musica!
    linda musica!

  6. pensiveadagio

    I smile every time …
    I smile every time I listen to this and it never fails to put me at ease.

  7. JustAnnie51

    What a beautiful …
    What a beautiful song,, another John Williams classic

  8. gg454lune

    I hope your grandma …
    I hope your grandma will rest in peace.

  9. kevinDMC12

    it really hurts to …
    it really hurts to hear this music for me, it reminds me so many good memories of my family, some have disappeared, the magic of Christmas is gone but the memories are etched in my head and my heart has never

  10. dethbreth8

    My grandma just …
    My grandma just died today. This music helped me think of some good times I had with her.

  11. keepyourballs

    That’s great, back …
    That’s great, back to happy times! so many memories and associations … I have not forgotten. I’ll remember. Thank you John Williams! God bless all!

  12. 8324922061


  13. 1989Soulseeker

    time may not heal …
    time may not heal the scars, but Christ sure does – i’m a living proof of that miracle :) peace and blessings in Him <3

  14. 1989Soulseeker

    *Like* if you love …
    *Like* if you love Christmas 365 days a year and never get tired of the peace and comfort you get from it :D

  15. cr4yv3n

    They say time …
    They say time heals all wounds…dunno how true it is though.

  16. machr293

    Soo true!
    Soo true!

  17. jaengzuri

    คิดถึงวันเก่า  …
    คิดถึงวันเก่า  เก่า

  18. Kyros

    That’s sweet. Sorry …
    That’s sweet. Sorry for your loss. I hope you had a good Christmas. ;-)

  19. chickster089

    Now this is the …
    Now this is the kind of music that made ppl believe!!! Thank you John Willams, what a great beautiful song! :)

  20. chickster089

    I could just about …
    I could just about feel the magic comming through the screen!!! LOVE it!!!!

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