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Hello, I’ve been collecting rare films and television programmes for nearly twenty years now and I thought it was high time I shared some clips from a few of the titles in my archive with you nice people out there. If you’ve a similar passion or just want to say hello, thanks etc. get in touch with me here or at

I look forward to hearing from (at least) a few of you and hope that you enjoy my humble offerings.

A Ghost Story for Christmas is a strand of annual British short television films originally broadcast on BBC One from 1971 to 1978, and later revived in 2005 on BBC Four.[1][2] With one exception, the original instalments are directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark and the films are all shot on 16 mm colour film.[3] The remit behind the series was to provide a television adaptation of a classic ghost story referencing the oral tradition of telling supernatural tales at Christmas.[4]

Each instalment is a separate adaptation of a short story, ranging from 30 to 50 minutes in duration and each featuring well-known British actors such as Clive Swift, Robert Hardy, Peter Vaughan, Edward Petherbridge and Denholm Elliott in the title roles. The first five are adaptations of ghost stories by M. R. James, the sixth is based on a short story by Charles Dickens and the two final instalments are original screenplays by Clive Exton and John Bowen respectively.[5]

An earlier black-and-white 1968 Omnibus adaptation of M.R. James’s Whistle and I’ll Come to You, directed by Jonathan Miller, is often cited as an influence upon the production of the films, and is sometimes included in the canon.

STIGMA (1977)
After a young couple move into a remote country house, workmen accidentally disturb an ancient menhir, unleashing a supernatural force (Wikipedia).

Duration : 0:8:8

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6 Responses to “Stigma (1977) A Ghost Story for Christmas Kate Binchy Peter Bowles”

  1. 7089annie

    Does anyone know …
    Does anyone know where this was filmed?

  2. zep66

    Thanks Marillionboy …
    Thanks Marillionboy but that would be a bit early, pretty sure it was 80s. It was shown as one off drama rather than a series. Thanks anyway.

  3. Marillionboy

    @zep66 Could that …
    @zep66 Could that be Leaving Lily, shown in 1976?

  4. fenderclassicplayer

    Excellent, any …
    Excellent, any chance of uploading the rest of it?

  5. zep66

    I do seem to …
    I do seem to remember this, I’d love to see the rest if you have it. I recall a ghost story i loved which was only on once about a soldier who meets this young woman and she’s the ghost of his mother, I can only vaguely remember it but any suggestions appreciated, have an idea it was ‘Marie’ or similar? Thanks!

  6. cliveperrott

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity of seeing this again. It’s played on my mind for years. I couldn’t remember what it was or where I’d seen it but looking at this months SFX issue 202 it gets a mention on page 95 under an article on Christmas Ghost Stories.
    Do please let me see the rest and thanks again.

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