Christmas Story

The Christmas Story

November 22nd, 2010

We start several thousand years ago then work out way to the present to uncover that Christmas is a cleaver… well I’ll let you watch and figure it all out.

Duration : 0:3:45

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25 Responses to “The Christmas Story”

  1. Killuminatyi

    Well christmas is …
    Well christmas is not the only pagan symolism in christianity. So maybe pagans tried to influence the others not other way around.

  2. GurdianAngel4life

    lol your a good …
    lol your a good singer : D

  3. ForceUser1138

    Well…it IS the …
    Well…it IS the most wonderful time of the year

  4. TravvyG

    Lol well I’m glad …
    Lol well I’m glad I’ve sub. Where do you learn all this stuff?

  5. loubna1994

    I love the part at …
    I love the part at 1:45 I’ve died laughing xD

  6. Loveadrixoxo

    Do u celebrate Jan …
    Do u celebrate Jan 7. ??

  7. NinjaDeathstarVideos

    well if danny is …
    well if danny is speaking truth… doesnt that just take a massive on religion?

  8. ziggysvatek

    You seem to enjoy …
    You seem to enjoy being topless in many of your videos

  9. gummybaby

    arent you cold!? me …
    arent you cold!? me just being naive coz yur in america lol

  10. Smb081985

    yeah that was …
    yeah that was random! lol

  11. lilrowyravenclaw

    Finally some …
    Finally some recognition. Thankies, Danny. I’m Pagan, and I enjoyed this.

  12. SomeKrazyDude

    LOL at 2:24
    LOL at 2:24

  13. FoxEatFox

    I love how the …
    I love how the Christian religion takes from the Pagan traditions, edits them to make it their own, and then calls Pagans Satan worshipers.

  14. SadatRahman

    No one, and I mean …
    No one, and I mean no one (except for Allah subhanu wah t’allah), knows the actual date of birth of Isaa (Jesus). Like the guy said, Christians simply adopted the pagan holiday for popularity sake. Go search “What Islam Says about Christmas” on google.

  15. bloodypepper

    hihi. i only …
    hihi. i only clicked this coz you were nakey in the thumbnail. WITH A SANTA HAT! all my jailbait dreams *.*

  16. d9503288

    dude thats me on …
    dude thats me on the holidays LOL

  17. chriskidd2k9

    thank you god no …
    thank you god no one ever belives me

  18. gan4owoto

    Don’t move the cam …
    Don’t move the cam but please stand up xD ;p ]:-)

  19. ut00bguru

    that first …
    that first christmas tree video was the first video i ever saw u do…..

  20. zeyadbadrawy

    ok, 1 question. if …
    ok, 1 question. if jesus’ birthday is on the 25th of december, and they started counting A.D. from the day of his birth. so did they start counting his birth 5 days after he was born or is christmas supposed to be on new years eve???!!! ive asked all the christian religeon teachers in my school (im half egyptian and muslim) and they all dont know. so if any1 knows could u plz mail me?

  21. tmmschick

    why r u nacked
    why r u nacked

  22. Nattitattat

    Wow that is the …
    Wow that is the most beautiful heavenly singing I’ve ever heard

  23. cdnlass

    Best. History. …
    Best. History. Lesson. Ever. LOL
    —and to the guy commenting about shaved chests…are ya jealous cause your pidgeon chest doesnt look as good???

  24. ElvisBluntman777

    lolrofl your an …
    lolrofl your an amazing singer

  25. blazerockerz

    did santa come to …
    did santa come to your house

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