Christmas Story

SophieCotton, Henry, Faulk, Christmas, Story, stripedy, candy, nprThe Christmas Story by John Henry Faulk

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7 Responses to “The Christmas Story by John Henry Faulk”

  1. Twograydogsplus4

    I listen to this …
    I listen to this every year!

  2. stephaniemarkham

    This is just …
    This is just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. I heard it on NPR yesterday and sobbed like a baby. I grew up in Kentucky, hearing my Dad tell stories like this. “Mister, we had the wonderfullest Christmas in the United States!”

  3. halfabean

    I heard this last …
    I heard this last night on my way to church. I cried the whole time because it reminded me of my dad and the years that his mother share cropped w/ four kids and any sisters/sister-in-laws and cousins that they had staying with them. This truly is why Christ came – to live a life in abundance. And while “Santa Claus” is not Christ, St. Nicholas embodied what Christ followers are about-selfless giving. I love my Lord and Savior-Jesus. Thank you for my father who would “share Christmas” w/ anyone.

  4. MrGrumpyOldMan

    Santa Claus? did …
    Santa Claus? did not die for your sins. where is the violin playing? no different than any other medium that distorts the real meaning of Christmas, no matter how much it pulls at the heart strings. Anyone see the new movie “Fred Claus”. they put santa claus in place of Jesus at the end of the movie when they sing silent night. blasphemy no matter how “folksy” you get.

  5. faulk411

    I sure miss this …
    I sure miss this man. He stood for all that was right. He believed in the goodness of mankind. He was a working mans friend.

  6. 52381a


  7. risakaplowitz

    So happy you posted …
    So happy you posted! I heard it on NPR yesterday, and I want all my friends to hear it too.

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