Christmas Story

The Christmas Story (HD version)

December 29th, 2010

The Christmas Story (2010 HD version) – as told by the children of St Paul’s Church.

Duration : 0:3:53

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25 Responses to “The Christmas Story (HD version)”

  1. AbbaKatieLollipop

    This is quite …
    This is quite possibly, the most delightful thing I have seen or done this Christmas. Very, very well done and heart warming. It made me chuckle right out loud with delight.

  2. Isabell778

    I adore this video, …
    I adore this video, and it defenitely is the best christmas video ive ever seen. Humans often forget its purpouse. It would be great if here in PR see more of it out there touching peoples lives :) But you guys are great, posting it going world wide! :) God Bless

  3. AngelFly28

    This has to be the …
    This has to be the best Christmas story ever. The Angels are smiling. God bless them all.

  4. blindside300

    this is really, …
    this is really, really great.

  5. LNfoto

    We showed this at …
    We showed this at our school’s Christmas Party, and our church played it at our Christmas service… Perfect job producing this smile inducing video!! LOVE the music, superb job! Please consider making it available to purchase!!!

  6. Shannon2993


  7. fresakiut

    this is sooooo …
    this is sooooo adorable!!! i love the vid =) thanks and congrats

  8. bengelBoBa

    cut evideo^^
    cut evideo^^

  9. FRogGoNeCrayZ10121

    They are all so …
    They are all so adorable!!! I love how they have all the children be the narators for the story its so cute!!!


    thx… so adorable. …
    thx… so adorable…… ^^ V

  11. kimi576

    The most adorable …
    The most adorable telling of the Christmas story!

  12. brjernej

    Sooooooooooooooooo …
    Sooooooooooooooooo cute!
    tnx tnx tnx

  13. dangmefinnish

    AWW! The star!!! <3
    AWW! The star!!! <3

  14. RLettuce

    this is just …
    this is just precious ♥

  15. VAdame


  16. deisenishimura

    Oh this is so cute! …
    Oh this is so cute!!!!! Loved it!

  17. spunyarns

    Bless you with a …
    Bless you with a brick! Cecil B. was wrong – those kids are brilliant and you ‘scripted’ this perfectly. Oscar to the littlest wise dude.

  18. stpaulsartsandmedia

    Thanks @ …
    Thanks @porpiegillis & @mungbean29
    The music score was created especially for this by Joe Faris.
    It’s unavailable for purchase or download at this time.

  19. maltaknight69

    Baa aaaa…I love …
    Baa aaaa…I love the sheep. So cute.

  20. mungbean29

    So beautiful! …
    So beautiful! Please make the music available to download or buy! It brings me so much joy!!

  21. BoboBublz

    Adorable video, the …
    Adorable video, the music went along perfectly with everything :)

  22. porpiegillis

    @ …
    @stpaulsartsandmedia who wrote the music then? I just see “Joe” in the credits. Is it an original composition? The music is fantastic and compliments the screenplay perfectly. Great job!

  23. moodean

    My daughters and …
    My daughters and wife (and me of course) enjoyed this TREMENDOUSLY…what a way to share the message of Christmas. Thank you…and superb camera and audio job.

  24. DebraAndTodd

    Our favorite ever …
    Our favorite ever Christmas Pageant! So fresh, real, and fun. A true Christmas celebration! Kudos to all the kids, crew, and whoever wrote the terrific songs. And there are very few voiceovers I’ve heard in my life that I’ve enjoyed as much as the narration of this video. And voiceover is what I do for a living and have done the past 30 years, so I’ve heard a lot of VO. You guys were awesome. Bravo!

  25. steveyatesgraphics

    Glory to God in the …
    Glory to God in the highest! Kudos to everyone involved! Precious, sweet and adorable are all great descriptions of this piece. Ministering is another. Outstanding job kids, thanks to you adults involved too and praise God for the way He uses us to minister to each other! Merry Christmas!

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