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s93617496, 19481The Christmas story told through Facebook

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25 Responses to “The Christmas story told through Facebook”

  1. nissybo9822

    that was so awesome …
    that was so awesome. it’s a new way to show this decades children the wonderful birth of Jesus

  2. ianlsmith1956

    This is an amazing …
    This is an amazing video, I hope that if finds a way into peoples lives and hearts to tell the story of our Saviour in a new and amazing way. May God bless you for this. Do you plan to tell the story of Christ’s Passion in the same way?

  3. mevans75

    Whose version of O …
    Whose version of O Come O Come Emmanuel is this? I’d love to find a copy…

  4. Aimee1724

    @camacobo hi …
    @camacobo hi camacobo. Thank you for the message. Merry Christmas too. My heart rejoices in God’s love and guidance. He is everything to me now especially because He has blessed me with two miracles in my life and I am very happy that these two miracles happened. =)

  5. amcboyyy99

    whos the song by?
    whos the song by?

  6. camacobo

    @Aimee1724 Said …
    @Aimee1724 Said perfectly, Merry Christmas!

  7. camacobo

    @petemeister88 I …
    @petemeister88 I will pray for you, my brother in Christ, i will pray you find our Lord.

  8. italia9284


    Pete! Who are you ?
    Satan? Lucifer?
    HOw can you possibly say this about this video!

    Jesus Christ is King! And He Lives and Reigns Forever! AND EVER!


  9. italia9284


  10. 85kewgrr


  11. petemeister88

    What a sack of …
    What a sack of utter shit.

  12. Doug74249

    Great quality video …
    Great quality video! Loved how well-thought out this is.

  13. Oeoeoe112

    Whos singing?
    Whos singing?

  14. lovinglife301

    what an amazing way …
    what an amazing way to share the TRUE story of Christmas with the world. It made it seem so real and many, I am sure, will be able to connect with it! A true blessing to the world

  15. Kizozen

    The music just …
    The music just makes it that much worse.

  16. Aimee1724

    This is the first …
    This is the first bucket of tears after Christmas this 2010. I was humbled how great the Lord is for giving Joseph and Mary as parents of Jesus and how amazing Mary’s acceptance of responsibility for Jesus. It is also pleasing that Joseph, though at first confused, vowed to love Mary and Jesus. I realized how LOVE and TRUST humbles one’s heart. Sharing this message to millions of people around the world. May we spread God’s love. – 9051782888

  17. MissHarrietRosee

    this is amazing! i …
    this is amazing! i love it! best video i have ever seen! and thank goodness noone has disliked it, i guess some people have common sense :) xx

  18. Jakehancock1

    I love this! God …
    I love this! God is glorified through facebook! Thank you

  19. christinkay99

    Thats cooool! love …
    Thats cooool! love it:D

  20. imathestorm

    Very well done…. …
    Very well done….But something is disturbing putting this story into a Facebook format.

  21. motgirls96

    Love this!!! :)
    Love this!!! :)

  22. hcablondegurl

    I love this, a lot. …
    I love this, a lot. Who would’ve imagined that the King and Savior of the world would be born to a virgin as a child? (:

  23. bunnyoul

    beautiful… …
    beautiful… REJOICE…. REJOICE….. EMMANUEL

  24. Solomon3498

    Nice video ang song …
    Nice video ang song background O come
    O come Emmanuel,Merry Christmas to everyone !

  25. TTownScott

    LOL 23 people …
    LOL 23 people unfriended Joseph

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