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The animated film “The Polar Express” used this Locomotive as a template for the one seen in the film. In real life it is the Pere Marquette 1225. It is a Berkshire 284 loco. Believe me, even as slow as she’s going here, when she passes by you can feel it right through your feet. When that whistle blows, if you’re within a couple of miles you’re going to hear it. This was shot in Owosso Mi. Dec. 7, 2008.

Duration : 0:1:49

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14 Responses to “The Polar Express December 7, 2008”

  1. Applachia0928

    @Cockroach2008 …
    @Cockroach2008 YOU! This is one of the last working steam locomotives in the USA, and the only operating one in my state. Go slash your dick and eat it, then go hell.

  2. SuperMario6419

    It had two …
    It had two whistles!

  3. PereMarquette1223

    Don’t bother about …
    Don’t bother about the first one I said. Found out otherwise.

  4. PereMarquette1223

    The whistle is a …
    The whistle is a Nathan 5 chime, the same worn by Nickel Plate Road #765, another engine identical to #1225.

  5. PereMarquette1223

    It is a Lima …
    It is a Lima Locomotive Works 5-chime. It is her stock and only whistle she wore in service.

  6. Cockroach2008

    This old clunker is …
    This old clunker is garbage any longer! It belongs in a scrap yard being cut apart or either a blast or induction furnace for melting the materials to make new products!

    Junk all the remaining steam locomotives!

  7. TonyCNR

    The whistle in …
    The whistle in this video is in fact her own 1225

  8. Tatum0218

    Dat looks slow but …
    Dat looks slow but it is fast! :O

  9. vik238

    haha that would …
    haha that would freak the whole road out!

  10. Crintingnut

    Wish I could get a …
    Wish I could get a horn sound like this for my Beamer!

  11. Trainman11185

    the Mt rainier …
    the Mt rainier Scenic Railroad has a whistle that sounds just like that

  12. Stetsonater

    it was the orignal …
    it was the orignal lima manufactured wishtle

  13. ALDEN1971

    Sorry, I don’t have …
    Sorry, I don’t have a clue what it is. All I can tell you is that standing where I was, that whistle rattled your teeth!

  14. Trainman11185

    nice whistle what …
    nice whistle what kind is it?

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