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One of our newest members, Hey_Blinkin, brings you his Polar Express! The train is 120 blocks tall and 1000 blocks long. A lot of detail was put into this build.

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Approaching Nirvana: So Close (Extended Mix)

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Duration : 0:3:47

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25 Responses to “The Polar Express in Minecraft”

  1. ryan gallagher

    Are you some kind …
    Are you some kind of critic?… haha I realize you gave a nice comment too the builders but how gay can you get?

  2. rexman92

    omg i want it for …
    omg i want it for my singple player mode!

  3. Kuschel Core

    that work is… …
    that work is… stunning!

  4. St3yn012

    Can you firebend …
    Can you firebend as well?

  5. DGwee97

    Attach the Zepplin …
    Attach the Zepplin Mod onto this train and go flying/forward??

  6. aBBzOnE

    the coolest thing …
    the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in Minecraft!!! : O

  7. PunkyRop

    thats a joke isnt …
    thats a joke isnt it ?

  8. killswitch0078

    you comin?

    you comin?

  9. bloximonkey

    I have too much …
    I have too much life.

  10. lsvk100

    Download link!!!
    Download link!!!

  11. TheBlockBenders

    Sure is
    Sure is

  12. IpwnNublets

    wait wait wait…. …
    wait wait wait…. thats in mine craft? :O

  13. doberman4411

    Looks awsome :D
    Looks awsome :D

  14. graphicalmusic

    Did you say Abe …
    Did you say Abe Lincoln?

  15. TheConilfrontera


  16. TheBlockBenders

    Thank you. Here …
    Thank you. Here shortly we will have the largest dragon that’s ever been in the full game. It could even put Deathwing to shame. A several hundred block tall captain falcon, Zero from megaman, and a 5 person build we’ll do together. Stay tuned

  17. valcron1000

    No words!!
    No words!!

  18. connorhall

    Good work on the …
    Good work on the train project.

    Now make it move.

  19. Kosorovich

    Works surprisingly …
    Works surprisingly well in minecraft. Great build, the level of detail is impressive and your video is pleasant to watch: no irritating commentary just some reasonable music and panning.

  20. Aeruuner


  21. aPenguin09

    Abe Lincoln?
    Abe Lincoln?

  22. graphicalmusic

    I bet it was a …
    I bet it was a really nice dirt hut.

  23. Dirtboy101

    Screw the sleigh …
    Screw the sleigh bell. This is what I want for christmas.

  24. graphicalmusic

    Hey_Blinkin here. …
    Hey_Blinkin here. Thank you all for your comments. More builds to come.

  25. MrNeemer

    I guess thats cool. …
    I guess thats cool… haha jk thats amazing

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