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video of josh groban and beyonce singing beleive , this is fan made and i converted into Divx format , enjoy!

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Duration : 0:3:7

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24 Responses to “the polar express-josh groban”

  1. cinnmingirl

    WOnder who she …
    WOnder who she bought the hair from.

  2. lightthestars


  3. TravOB5

    That’s not Tyra …
    That’s not Tyra Banks….It’s Beyonce

  4. RManouchehri

    So disappointed… …
    So disappointed…as a professional soprano soloist, I found Josh Groban (who usually has a solid centre of pitch) to be so pitchy and sharp. :P It was a bad evening for him, I guess.

  5. xfloria

    This is not the …
    This is not the right song for her…

  6. mikeys12

    great song beyonces …
    great song beyonces body is sick!!

  7. Megallideth



  8. Jimbo8137

    She ruins the song. …
    She ruins the song. he is terrific on his own. Give it up Beyonce.

  9. Jimbo8137

    She wrecks the …
    She wrecks the song. he is terrific by himself. give it up Beyonce.

  10. peepsrock234

    beyonce has such an …
    beyonce has such an amzing voice and she shouldnt put it to waste on wrap and single songs she should start doing songs like this i look up to her!!!<3

  11. Texguy12345

    so Josh Groban …
    so Josh Groban sold out…LOL

  12. elizabethrox259

    me and my brother …
    me and my brother love love love The Polar Express and this song! i told my brother “i really cant think of anything better thean Tyra Banks and Josh Groban singing my favorite modern Christmas song LIVE!”

  13. sydneyNmorgan97

    I totally agree …
    I totally agree because this movie came out when I was little and this song meant alot to me! It was good but Beyonce… go home!

  14. MoominAlanna

    <3 instant tears …
    <3 instant tears when beyonce started singing <3

  15. MichalaTodd

    Josh Groban is one …
    Josh Groban is one of my favorite singers!!!

  16. ErinnSingss

    I think that …
    I think that Beyonce is an amazing singer, but she just ruined this song for me… I just want to hear Josh.

  17. winalldayeveryday

    At the beginning I …
    At the beginning I thought it was gonna be great. But as the song went on, there voices grew further and further apart

  18. aquagirl2002

    good voices, bad …
    good voices, bad together, but awesome song

  19. Bengalihunk

    Beys voice wow!!!! …
    Beys voice wow!!!! Epic

  20. kreativ426

    Please listen the …
    Please listen the amazing version of believe by hollywood in vienna 2011.

  21. heat15sw

    lol didn’t notice …
    lol didn’t notice that

  22. WeHaxYurEquipment

    4 year anniversary …
    4 year anniversary of this vid lol

  23. hollyml11

    thumbs up if you …
    thumbs up if you just love christmas

  24. bonsaitree15

    Beyonce is …
    Beyonce is wonderful singer, but I feel like her style isn’t really suited for this song…

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