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The Lionel Polar Express with the Railsounds tender and conductor car, as well as the other add-on cars. Makes a nice long train. Check out my newest Polar Express video – “The Polar Express – Christmas Comes to Lionel Town “.

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16 Responses to “The Polar Express Lionel Railsounds Tender and Conductor Car”

  1. bluecomet390

    Mine easily pulls …
    Mine easily pulls eight cars, as can be seen in my other video – The Polar Express - Christmas Comes to Lionel Town. Thanks for watching and commenting.

  2. grizzleybearz282004

    my kids love there …
    my kids love there P.E set theres is the 2007 set i had to upgrade the heating element for the smoke but other then that its a pretty good QTY made engine and it has the weight and power to pull a good amount of cars lionel says 8 is the most it will pull without slipping but iv seen good clean track with a well taken care of engine oulling more then 8 cars i believe 12 is the best yet iv seen and it ran smoothly no slipping around the curves its got a nice momentum flywheel can motor in them

  3. ebarbosarios


  4. Blogengezer

    ‘Polar’, Christmas …
    ‘Polar’, Christmas Forest is now packed away until Nov. Diesel freight is on the line. Found Ertl cows ebay, MC Toys 25 for $9? Norscot 1/64 CAT tractors/equip at Hobby Lobby. Recorded Cows Mooing, off You Tube onto a cassette. Moo for 10 minutes while the grand sons ‘Load ‘em up’. Rest of cassette has recordings of Real trains off You Tube. Bells, ‘Wig Wags’, Horns, freight rolling various speeds. Grandsons enjoy visiting our house Now. They play that cassette while Diesel ‘Hauls the Freight’

  5. bluecomet390

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your comments. That sounds like a wonderful setup. You should video it in action and upload to YouTube. I also used my Polar Express in a “movie”version, which you can find thru my Channel page. It’s called “The Polar Express – Christmas Comes to Lionel Town”. I have to say that it is my favourite of all my videos. I had great fun making it. You would too with yours. Cheers.

  6. Blogengezer

    Christmas scene, …
    Christmas scene, wife picked up a set of four various sized, pre-lightedtrees from a hobby store. The train runs through the trees like in the movie. Need wolves.We found that Hobby Lobby had 1″ Reindeer that look exactly like ‘Caribou’. 6 for a dollar. I stuck the herd of 48 on a couple of mirrors (the ice). Grand kids love the set up and tell us the story as the Polar Express makes it’s way to the battery powered Hallmark? North Pole. Santa flies around it in his sleigh drawn by Reindeer.

  7. bluecomet390

    There are a few …
    There are a few models of the Polar Express that I know of. Mine is a Lionel O gauge that came out several years ago. Lionel have also put out a more deluxe (and expensive) model with a more detailed locomotive and heavyweight passenger cars. They also have a G gauge set that is much bigger and operates (I believe) on batteries with a wireless remote control. Check Lionel’s web site and you should be able to find them there. There is no “better”- just what you like.

  8. nickgotjeffhardy345

    Why do all of them …
    Why do all of them look different i have one and i have where the kids sit like bihnd the coal is the one from the movie why are they all different is mine better or worse PLEASE HELP MEEEEE

  9. bluecomet390

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the clarification. I admit to being confused by all the “sounds”.

  10. atsf3415dbr

    This is …
    This is TrainSounds, not RailSounds.

  11. bluecomet390

    The conductor plays …
    The conductor plays each time you press the bell button on the transformer. So it plays when you turn the bell on AND when you turn the bell off. In the video, I was turning OFF the bell. That way the bell does not interfere with the conductor.

  12. grizzleybearz282004

    heyi have the same …
    heyi have the same setup how to do get the conductor to play without turning on the bell sounds?? ? please let me know thanks !

  13. bluecomet390

    Good question. If …
    Good question. If I remember correctly, I didn’t power down to zero voltage at the 20 second point. That way I was able to start forward again without cycling through the e-unit. I was running on FastTrack. I think I was using the Lionel CW-80 transformer as well. Hope this helps. Thanks for watching. I’m working on a full scale Christmas production using the same train. Watch for it.

  14. bk334st

    How do you get the …
    How do you get the lights to stay on with out the Train Moving, Mine get brighter the faster you go and dimmer the slower you go? Nice Setup by the way

  15. bluecomet390

    The comm talk and …
    The comm talk and crew chatter turn off automatically when the engine is in gear. They only operate in neutral. The chuff comes from the tender and is synchronized with the speed of the wheels. Only the conductor announcement comes from the conductor car. One problem with this car is that the announcement is triggered by the bell button on the transformer. So the bell can drown out the conductor! It works best when you are turning the bell off rather than on.  Thanks for watching.

  16. olstykke

    How did you turn …
    How did you turn off the com talk & crew chatter for the tender?
    Is it the tender that has the train sounds or the conductor car?

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