Christmas Story

The Polar Express of Ely

January 25th, 2012

Take a ride on the Polar Express of Ely to the North Pole represented by Renaissance Village. Here you’ll meet Santa Claus and tell him what you want for Christmas. The trip is the most important. You’ll hear stories, tell jokes, sing, and have delicious hot chocolate.

Duration : 0:7:36

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4 Responses to “The Polar Express of Ely”

  1. unknownvariable1

    polar express

    polar express
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  2. aric5550

    Some day I’ll take …
    Some day I’ll take this train!

  3. sqTake2

    Yay Bill & Holly! …
    Yay Bill & Holly! ;]

  4. BearFamilyDSL

    That was so Sweet!! …
    That was so Sweet!! Great Job!

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