Christmas Story

Soundtrack from the polar express promo score (Alan Silvestri)

Duration : 0:6:17

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25 Responses to “The Polar Express Promo – 05 Meeting Santa Claus”

  1. Kyros

    @dady2439 I heard …
    @dady2439 I heard it. Then it gave me the shits.

  2. xfloria

    Alan silvestri.. …
    Alan silvestri.. love that dude.. Even if i misspelled his name :D

  3. fpereira77

    Christmas Spirit!
    Christmas Spirit!

  4. Piglet0123456789

    @starpupp4 the …
    @starpupp4 the theme here made obvious references to the theme in Edward Scissorhands

  5. msari28298

    <3 Polar Express. …
    <3 Polar Express. My band is playing this song with the orchestra.

  6. starpupp4

    @Piglet0123456789 ?
    @Piglet0123456789 ?

  7. TheVildee

    @ …
    @xxMinecraftStudiosxx yeah, I love it. Best time of the year :)

  8. xxMinecraftStudiosxx

    @TheVildee It’s a …
    @TheVildee It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it? This song just adds to the wonder.

  9. toangieB16

    This Song Is So …
    This Song Is So Beautiful/Magical/Amazing=}

  10. toangieB16

    This Song Is Just …
    This Song Is Just So Amazing/beautiful/Magical =.

  11. Piglet0123456789


  12. xxxLOYALTY24xxx

    @TheVildee i feel …
    @TheVildee i feel you dude, good feeling man 

  13. TheVildee

    Ah, right now I …
    Ah, right now I feel the Christmas spirit :) The clock is soon 3 a.m. here in Norway, and I’m sitting alone in the dark, listening to this, looking at the Christmas decorations we’ve put up in the house, and the snow that’s falling slowly outside and lighting up the streets.

  14. DazzledRose3193

    whats the music …
    whats the music when the star falls from the tree?
    ~Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing~

  15. TheButerfly010

    Alas the bell’s …
    Alas the bell’s chime has grown faint and slowly withered away in my ear. Seeing is not believing

  16. OverBurn1990

    @AkatsukiLuver88 …
    @AkatsukiLuver88 for sure! Evereyone knows they exists.

  17. Maikki127

    2 people have …
    2 people have never met Santa Claus

  18. apachevenancio

    @AkatsukiLuver88 …
    @AkatsukiLuver88 Stop Smokin ===b

  19. beauteandamour

    This is such a …
    This is such a beautiful score for this innovative film. Thanks so much for uploading this. 2 people who disliked this obviously are Bah Humbugs! Happy Holidays to all who find this and appreciate the music!

  20. mryug123

    @x3samiii just use …
    @x3samiii just use youtube converter

  21. RappenderOPA

    The easiest way is, …
    The easiest way is,to download the youtube converter.Search You tube converter on google,u can download for free.Now you go on on the downloading conver and search this video from the polarexpress…now download this in Mp3 not Mp4 than when u ve downloadet,can u syncron it with mp3 player or handy to hear it on walk.Thats free easy a good good quality

  22. x3samiii

    iTunes doesn’t have …
    iTunes doesn’t have an instrumental album. And I absolutely love this song. Does anyone know where I can download it?


    Omg, this song is …
    Omg, this song is the best song i know. Every  time I hear this song I get tears in my eyes, and that’s true.
    Thumps up if u still LOVE the Christmas!

  24. LuxAurumque02000

    Is it crazy to …
    Is it crazy to think that this would be a BOA Grand Nats. winning show??

  25. AkatsukiLuver88

    Okay, i know …
    Okay, i know everyone reading this is going to think I’m crazy but I saw Santa Clause!!!!!!!!! No joke! I was about 3 or 4 Christmas morning and my mom and dad were both in the house. They both went into the hallway and I looked at my window. Something big, red and white ran across! It made a lot of thumping noise! I almost screamed, but i smiled. SANTA IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!

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